Arizona Investing Millions in Battery Backup for Solar Panels

Arizona Investing Millions in Battery Backup for Solar Panels

One of Arizona’s largest utility companies is preparing to invest almost $300 million in battery backup for solar panels. Tucson Electric Power will bring a new 800-megawatt battery farm online by the summer of 2025. The utility company expects the battery array to improve efficiency and supply during peak demand.

This won’t be the first solar battery array installed by an American utility company. However, it will be one of the largest. Solar batteries can greatly improve efficiency by allowing solar electricity to be stored during the day and deployed in the evenings. This type of system isn’t limited to large utilities. You can apply a similar design concept for your residential Long Island solar installation.

Will Your Home on Long Island Benefit from a Solar Battery?

Not every home needs battery backup for solar panels. But, for many families, solar batteries will improve reliability and savings.

During the day, solar panels on your rooftop will generate electricity for your home. In most cases, you won’t use all of this, so some will be sent back out to the grid. With Net Metering, your utility meter will spin in reverse. This helps to cover the electricity that you use in the evenings.

If your Long Island solar installation includes a battery system, you’ll have more versatility to use your system in the way that works best for you.

  • Before exporting to the grid, your system will store solar electricity in a battery device.
  • This device can be configured as a backup so that you will still have electricity if the grid goes down.
  • The device can also deploy electricity at specific times of the day, such as in the evenings when demand is high, and your solar panels have shut down.
  • A solar battery backup device will allow you to use more solar energy while importing less from the grid. This could mean far greater savings over time.

Whether or not a battery system is right for you will depend on your home, your usage patterns, and your unique needs. Long Island Power Solutions can help you determine if a solar battery is right for you.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Get the Right Data Before You Get Solar Power on Long Island

Before you consider getting solar power on Long Island, it’s important to make sure you have the right data. This will help you determine if solar power is a viable option for your property and how much it could potentially save you in the long run.

Any trustworthy solar company will offer a free solar estimate. At Long Island Power Solutions, we go further with a free cost/benefit analysis and detailed consultation. We’ll design an optimal solar solution for your home and then show you the data that outlines how much energy you could generate and how much you could save over the 25 to 30-year lifetime of solar panels.

We can also show you what your system would look like with battery backup for solar panels. It’s important to understand solar in the context of its cost and the return on investment that you could generate. We only recommend solar when it makes financial sense. It’s time to talk to us if you want clear and accurate information before you commit to solar.

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