The Greenport NY Solar Process in Five Simple Steps

If you’ve already decided that you’re ready to get solar but aren’t sure about the exact steps to get started, Long Island Power Solutions is ready to help. We’ve made our Greenport solar process as simple as possible

Is There Such a Thing as a Free Solar System on Long Island?

With the demand for solar power increasing dramatically in 2022, it was only inevitable that companies would start to advertise “free” solar power on Long Island. These so-called free offers have been in the news recently

Is it Worth Combining Long Island Solar Energy with a Battery System

If you’re considering solar power on Long Island, you’ve probably also floated the idea of investing in a backup battery system. Long Island solar energy is often more efficient when a battery array is added to the system, but it does depend on a few factors.

Long Island Solar Energy – Does it Matter Where Your Solar Panels are Made?

Home solar has become more popular throughout America as prices have gradually fallen. Long Island solar energy is now a reality for the average homeowner. There are even government tax credits and incentives available to reduce the total cost.

Can You Charge Your Electric Vehicle with Long Island Solar Energy?

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common on Long Island roads. Clean and efficient, EVs represent one of the most significant advancements in automotive technology in more than 100 years. The technology could even be put into solar batteries for homes, increasing the capacity of products like Generac’s PWRcell.