Greenport NY Solar Process

The Greenport NY Solar Process in Five Simple Steps

If you’ve already decided that you’re ready to get solar but aren’t sure about the exact steps to get started, Long Island Power Solutions is ready to help. We’ve made our Greenport solar process as simple as possible so that more families can switch to clean and affordable energy. With more than 5,000 installations to date, we are one of the most experienced solar installation companies in New York. Learn about our Greenport NY solar process, and get your free estimate from our team.

Step 1: Get Your Free Solar Estimate and Consultation

You can get a free solar estimate online to start the Greenport NY solar process. Our initial estimates are based on satellite data and are some of the most accurate in the industry.

The initial estimate will give you a ballpark figure to work with. If you like what you see, we’ll get started with the detailed consultation and design-brief process. As this is ongoing, we’ll start to prepare a cost/benefit analysis for your Greenport NY solar installation.

Information is key when making the switch to solar. Our analysis will help you to determine if the initial investment is worth it. We want all of our customers to be satisfied with their decision to get a Greenport NY solar installation, which is why we provide all of the information upfront.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Step 2: On-Site Survey for Greenport NY Solar Installation

The initial estimate will be based on the latest satellite imagery of your home. In the next step, we’ll send a technician to assess your roof and determine if your home is ready for solar.

  • We’ll assess trees and surrounding structures to determine the best placement of solar panels.
  • A technician will check the condition of your roof.
  • An advanced software algorithm will determine yearly solar output.

With this on-site data, we can finalize our cost/benefit analysis to give you the most accurate picture of an average year using solar. Panels come with a 25-Year Warranty, so the savings generated will create a return on investment over time.

If your roof isn’t ready for solar, we can provide a roof replacement service in preparation for your switch to clean energy. We are solutions experts and will determine the most affordable and effective way for you to turn your home into a solar home.

Step 3: Permit Application

Solar installations on Long Island require a permit and everything needs to be performed to code. We are a NYSERDA-Approved solar installer, so we perform everything in compliance with current regulations. The quality of our workmanship exceeds industry standards.

We will take care of permit applications in-house, so that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Step 4: Installation Day

Your installation will be scheduled at a time and on a date that’s convenient for you. The actual physical work takes less than a day. We’ll be in and out without leaving any mess behind. We’ll respect your property and take care of your roof. Our solar panels are installed with low-penetration racking and flashing for the best aesthetic without compromising stability.

Our technicians are fully licensed and insured.

Step 5: Your Welcome Meeting

Our representative will visit you once the installation is complete and will introduce you to your new system. We’ll teach you how everything works, get you set up with live monitoring apps, and answer any questions that you might have about your panels and other equipment.

Our team will work with your utility provider to have a net meter installed. This will track any electricity exported to the grid so that you can be compensated for it. A net metering agreement with your utility company will help you to generate a strong return on investment from solar panels.

Home Solar Financing

In five simple steps, you’ll be through the entire Greenport solar process. But what should you do if you can’t pay for your system upfront?

With home solar financing, you won’t have to wait. We offer no money down solar to keep things easy.

  • No money down solar is based on expected tax credits.
  • The initial period is interest-free.
  • The rest of the financing is offered with a competitive interest rate.

With no money down solar and interest-free home solar financing, you can take advantage of generous tax credits offered by the federal and state governments. When you receive your credits, you can pay off the interest-free loan and move on to the next stage of financing.

Want to see how it all comes together? You can start the Greenport NY solar process today. Get your free solar estimate online and see just how affordable it can be to get clean and reliable Long Island solar.

Get An Instant Ballpark LI Solar Estimate Using Satellites!