Free Solar System on Long Island

Is There Such a Thing as a Free Solar System on Long Island?

With the demand for solar power increasing dramatically in 2022, it was only inevitable that companies would start to advertise “free” solar power on Long Island. These so-called free offers have been in the news recently, with publishers like Forbes warning their readers that a free solar system on Long Island or elsewhere is usually not what it seems.

What does it mean when you see a free solar system on Long Island advertised? Is it really possible to get a Long Island solar installation without spending a cent? Let’s see what this type of marketing usually means, and why you should avoid deals that look too good to be true.

Free Solar Power on Long Island Isn’t What You Think

When a solar company advertises free solar power on Long Island, what they are usually offering is a solar lease. Solar leasing won’t cost you anything upfront, but there are downsides to these types of agreements that make them ill-suited to homeowners.

You won’t own the solar panels on your roof and the installer will set the rate that you pay for using these panels. There are usually rental and maintenance fees associated with these agreements. While you could end up paying slightly less than you currently do to your utility company, the reality is that the savings with leased solar power on Long Island are small. You’re better off either buying electricity from the utility company or, for real savings, investing in your own home solar panels.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

You Can Get a No Money Down Solar System

Free solar isn’t quite a scam but it is misleading. Leased solar lacks in terms of savings provided, so it’s much better to purchase solar panels from a trusted installer.

With Long Island Power Solutions, you can get a solar system on Long Island without putting any money down. We offer affordable solar financing and you will not only save money over time but also generate a strong return on the total investment.

  • An interest-free period is offered with no money down. This period is based on expected tax credits and is paid once you receive your credits. There are federal and state solar tax credits available to significantly reduce the real cost of going solar.
  • The rest of the bill will be applied to a standard loan with a competitive interest rate. The term is adjustable so you can choose whatever works best for you. Go long with smaller repayments or choose a shorter term to pay off your system faster.

We will explain the financing options available in your case so that you can choose something that makes sense for your financial situation. A no money down solar system on Long Island requires no upfront payment, and you’ll own the panels, so it’s an investment worth making.

Get a Long Island Solar Installation with Long Island Power Solutions

Companies that offer free solar are misleading at best and predatory at worst. At Long Island Power Solutions, we won’t make false claims about what we offer.

  • Every customer gets a free solar estimate and a cost/benefit analysis.
  • The analysis will help you to project the savings and potential return.
  • We provide the information. You make the choice.

Enjoy reliable solar and avoid the offers that promise a free solar system on Long Island. Truth is, solar isn’t free, but it’s surprisingly affordable and accessible when you choose one of the most experienced installers on Long Island.

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