Long Island Solar Energy with Battery Backup

Is it Worth Combining Long Island Solar Energy with a Battery System

If you’re considering solar power on Long Island, you’ve probably also floated the idea of investing in a backup battery system. Long Island solar energy is often more efficient when a battery array is added to the system, but it does depend on a few factors.

A recent Forbes Home news article covered the benefits of hybrid solar, summarizing that a home solar battery has significant benefits for the average family. The problem with many news articles and even advertisements is that they don’t cover the specifics of how batteries make a difference.

At Long Island Power Solutions, we want all of our customers to enjoy extended benefits from their investment in solar. Learn how a battery system can give you more from Long Island solar energy and get your free estimate today.

Long Island Solar Energy in a Hybrid System is More Efficient

Consider a Long Island solar installation where you would have panels on your roof and nothing else. You’d still generate savings from month to month, but a lot of the energy that you generate would end up back on the grid. This means that when you really need affordable and reliable electricity (during peak times and outages), your panels wouldn’t actually be doing you any good.

If you export solar during the day, your meter will spin in reverse. This can offset the energy that you consume in the evenings, but only to a certain point.

Long Island solar energy can be stored in a battery system and then deployed when you need it the most. In the evenings when panels shut down and rates are higher, your battery could power your home, giving you higher monthly savings.

And, during an outage, you’ll have continuous power while your neighbors go dark. If you get a Long Island solar installation without a battery system, your home will still go down with the grid, because the panels will shut off to prevent electricity from entering the utility lines.

To put it simply, Long Island solar energy with battery backup, AKA a hybrid system, will make your home more efficient with redundancy for outages. Over time, you could enjoy a much stronger return on investment.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Does it Cost More to Add a Battery System?

Solar power on Long Island is a significant investment. While it will generate returns over time, it’s still important to consider the upfront cost or the cost of solar financing if you decide to go that route. Adding a battery backup system to solar power on Long Island will increase the installation cost by an average of $8,000 for a typical household.

Solar panels last at least 25 years, but most will remain operational for 30 years or even longer. The reliability continues to increase with innovations in the industry.

Batteries don’t have the same longevity, so you’ll usually need to replace a battery wall after the first ten years. You’ll need to determine if the additional cost will be worth it in savings, which is where Long Island Power Solutions comes in.

We can provide a cost/benefit analysis for your Long Island solar installation, helping you to make an informed decision. With our software modeling, you’ll see just how much money your solar system could save you over time.

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If you want to harvest the full potential of Long Island solar energy, a battery system could be exactly what you need. But you should only make the decision when you have all of the data upfront. For honest and transparent consultation and system planning, you can rely on our expert team. Start with your estimate and enjoy the industry-leading service of Long Island’s favorite solar installer.

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