Solar in Malverne NY

Essential Questions to Ask When Getting Solar in Malverne

Finding a Malverne solar company isn’t exactly difficult. But, finding the best Malverne solar company can take a little more effort. Solar in Malverne will save you money and give you the kind of reliability that the grid simply doesn’t offer. Here are the essential questions to ask to determine if you’re dealing with a solar in Malverne company NY that’s best for your needs.

Is the Cost of Solar in Malverne NY Worth the Investment?

How much does it cost?

That’s the first question that most people ask when engaging with a Malverne solar company. But a free home solar estimate won’t tell you the full story. You need to know how much it will cost, and how much of that you’re likely to gain back over time.

Solar in Malverne will generate a return on investment, but only if the system is carefully designed and suited to your unique needs.

Long Island Power Solutions is one of the most trusted solar companies in Hempstead. We don’t just provide free home solar estimates. We go the extra mile by providing a detailed cost/benefit analysis for every customer. With this, you can determine if solar is actually worth it in your case.

We provide the information. You make the choice. That’s how it should be.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

What are the Options for Solar Financing in Malverne?

This is another important question that you should ask whenever choosing an installer for solar in Malverne.

While the cost of solar has come down over time, the actual upfront cost can be quite significant. Most families finance their solar systems. Financing can make a huge difference when calculating potential savings and the return on investment.

Solar financing in Malverne is simple when you work with Long Island Power Solutions.

  • We will explain available solar incentives and state/federal tax credits. Any expected tax credits will be applied to an initial interest-free loan.
  • You can then choose a term for the remainder of the bill. Choose a shorter term to pay off your system faster and minimize interest repayments. Or, choose a longer term to minimize monthly payments so that you can start saving right away.

Just like with our cost/benefit analysis, we’ll explain solar financing in Malverne in detail so that you can see exactly what you’ll be paying and how long it will take for your system to pay for itself in savings.

Information is key when you choose to get solar in Malverne. We’re happy to provide everything needed so that you can make the right decision.

Can I Get a Custom Solar Installation?

Not every solar installation is fully customized. For some homeowners, an off-the-shelf configuration will be all that’s needed to start saving money. But there are cases where the size or even the design of the home calls for a custom installation.

Not every solar company has the expertise to design and install a bespoke system with solar batteries and panels. At Long Island Power Solutions, we are experts in both residential and commercial installations. We have installed more than 5,000 systems to date, making us one of the most experienced solar companies in New York.

We are authorized installers for standardized solar solutions, including Tesla Solar. We can also develop your solar installation from the ground up, in case you have a home in which some unique design and engineering are required.

Where Do I Get My Free Home Solar Estimate?

Perhaps one of the most important questions of all… where do I get my free home solar estimate?

With Long Island power solutions, you can get started here with your free solar estimate. Our initial estimates are based on accurate satellite data. From here, we can move forward with a consultation, cost/benefit analysis, and on-site evaluation to get some final numbers in place.

We make it easy to make the switch to solar in Malverne NY, with easy financing and our famous SMART Solar Program. If you’re ready to start saving with solar that’s more reliable than the grid, we’re here to help.

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