Solar Generators on Long Island

Why are Solar Stocks Soaring? – Demand for Solar Generators on Long Island Plays a Part

Some of the largest solar stocks in America surged last week, sending investors into a frenzy. Some of the biggest stocks on the market are up by more than 50% in the year so far, and by almost 10% over the last month. You don’t need to be an investor to take note of the news. After all, the high demand for solar stocks is a strong reflection of the strength of the entire solar market today. There’s a high demand for rooftop panels and solar generators on Long Island. The situation is similar in other areas of New York and across the nation.

A booming solar market is great news for your family.

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 Has Inspired Investors

President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 into law this year. The act brings major provisions and significant funding to renewable energy projects.

While the act has the primary goal of reducing inflation, it has a knock-on effect of reducing living costs for families and addressing the increasingly dire climate crisis. The act provides direct funding for homeowners, as well as tax breaks and other incentives for companies that manufacture solar panels in the United States.

If you are considering a switch to rooftop panels and solar generators on Long Island, then the Inflation Reduction Act will benefit you. The act provides a 30% federal tax credit for new solar installations at a primary residence. This adds to the generous New York State credits and incentives. Today, you can significantly reduce the cost of switching to panels and solar generators on Long Island, simply by taking advantage of the Federal and State programs that are available.

Investors are seeing all the action in the solar market. High demand for panels. More demand for solar generators on Long Island and elsewhere. Increased investment in domestic solar panel manufacturing… these are all contributing to huge confidence in the market, and stocks are surging.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Learn About the Cost of Solar Power on Long Island

What if you don’t invest in stocks, but want to benefit from the strength in the solar market? All you need to do is start planning your Long Island solar installation today.

At Long Island Power Solutions, we make it easy to switch. The process to get solar power on Long Island starts with a free estimate, followed by a detailed consultation and planning so that you can get the best solar system for your needs.

  • Solar panels and battery systems work as solar generators on Long Island. During the day, panels will power your home and recharge your batteries. You can deploy electricity from the batteries at night to beat the peak rates of the utility company.
  • You can offset your power usage through net metering. Any excess production you send to the grid will send your utility meter in reverse.
  • Solar power on Long Island has become more realistic for families with reduced overall cost and improved efficiency. Some families receive nothing more than a hookup charge during the most productive months of the year.

Getting Started with Your Long Island Solar Installation

It’s easy to make the transition to solar when you work with Long Island Power Solutions. We can take care of your Long Island solar installation from planning to installation, and we’ll provide aftercare throughout the 25-Year Warranty of your panels.

We take care of the small details so that you don’t have to. We will even arrange for the permits, so you won’t have to deal with forms and local government procedures.

With our team, you will enjoy a detailed consultation process with a cost/benefit analysis so you can decide if a Long Island solar installation is worth it.

Our team takes care of all of the details. We even arrange the permits, and we’ll apply to NYSERDA for a solar incentive based on the size of your system. This gets taken off the top of your bill. You can use expected tax credits to finance your Long Island solar installation. We make it easy by breaking down the credits that you’re eligible for. An initial interest-free loan will be based on expected credits. The rest of your bill can be applied to a loan where you choose the term length.

Don’t wait to go solar with solar generators on Long Island. Rooftop panels and solar batteries will save you money while making your home more efficient. Get your free estimate from Long Island Power Solutions today.

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