Solar Energy in Nassau County

The Future: Transparent Solar Panels for Solar Energy in Nassau County

Over time, solar energy in Nassau County has become more affordable, more reliable, and more efficient. Now is the best time to get solar, with generous government incentives and panels that can last from 25 – 30 years in most cases. Even as you plan your installation today, it’s interesting to consider where the solar industry might go in the future. According to researchers, solar power on Long Island could one day use innovative transparent panels.

Why are Researchers Interested in Transparent Panels?

One of the biggest challenges of solar energy in Nassau County is integrating the panels into the home. Solar shingles have become available in recent years, but these are prohibitively expensive for many families, and they aren’t suitable for every home. Roof-mounted panels have become low-profile, but some homeowners would still prefer solar where the equipment is as close to invisible as possible.

Researchers think this could become reality in the coming decades. Tohoku University in Japan recently released a report detailing a method of creating transparent solar panels using thin metal film and gas within a vapor-sealed enclosure. The concept could make it possible to have solar windows that are architecturally identical to current windows, but with the benefit of providing electricity to a home or commercial property.

For homeowners concerned about the aesthetic side of solar, transparent panels would represent a compelling option in the near future.

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What if You Want Solar Power on Long Island Today?

At Long Island Power Solutions, we find ways to integrate solar without it becoming an eyesore on your rooftop. With low-profile mounting solutions, the panels are closer to your rooftop and less visible from the roadside.

Even when solar power on Long Island can be seen from the roadside, our solutions are so well-integrated that they look professional and unimposing.

Solar power on Long Island won’t reduce the curbside appeal of your home. Solar will actually increase the market value of your home. Most realtors agree that solar panels are a major selling feature on homes today. Having solar can attract higher offers should you choose to sell in the future. And, because solar power on Long Island lasts so long, you will have plenty of time to recoup your initial investment while still adding value to your home once it goes on the market.

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Getting Started with Your Long Island Solar Installation

It’s easy to make the transition to solar when you work with Long Island Power Solutions. We can take care of your Long Island solar installation from planning to installation, and we’ll provide aftercare throughout the 25-Year Warranty of your panels.

We take care of the small details so that you don’t have to. We will even arrange for the permits, so you won’t have to deal with forms and local government procedures.

With our team, you will enjoy a detailed consultation process with a cost/benefit analysis so you can decide if a Long Island solar installation is worth it.

Get Solar Energy in Nassau County with Long Island Power Solutions

Transparent solar panels are lighting up the headlines, but they aren’t ready to power your home. In the meantime, you can invest in rooftop solar energy in Nassau County. Solar will reduce your utility bill and allow you to generate a return on investment over time.

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