Solar Tariffs and Your Long Island Solar Installation

The Biden Administration is reportedly planning a halt on solar tariffs to benefit large-scale solar projects, right through to homeowners seeking Long Island solar installation. The move would offset the damage being caused by an ongoing Commerce Department investigation.

California is Going Green – So Can You with a Residential Solar Panel Installation

The State of California has long been recognized as a leader in green and renewable energy. A combination of rapid innovation, public support, and government initiatives has given the state the best start at going green. Learn more about NY solar.

What is the Long Island Solar Installation Process?

You’ve decided that Long Island solar is the best way to move forward with clean and affordable energy for your family. The process can vary between solar installation companies on Long Island. Learn how the Long Island solar installation process works.

Distributed Solar Power Closes the Gap to Gas Plants

The demand for electricity in America is increasing. Electricity is used to power a new generation of electric vehicles, appliances, heating, and personal electronics. If you’re considering Long Island solar, you can contribute to a sustainable future with more reliable and more affordable electricity for your home.

Long Island Solar on Track to Become Even More Affordable

Long Island solar is already the most efficient and affordable way to power your home. By 2030, technology and production costs will decrease, and it is expected that the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) from solar will decrease yet again.
There has never been a more affordable time to invest in your future with solar power on Long Island.

California Battery Deployment is a Positive Sign for Clean Energy on Long Island

California leads the United States in total utilization of solar technology and battery storage systems. With more than 1.3 million customers connected to solar across the state, it is often seen as a proving ground for technologies before they are widely adopted in other areas of the country, including Long Island.

How Do I Get Solar Panels Installed in Hempstead NY?

The process of getting solar panels installed in Hempstead NY is easy when you choose an experienced team. Long Island Power Solutions is your partner for the best solar systems in Nassau County.  Learn about our process today and get your free home solar estimate by starting our Instant Solar Energy Quote at the bottom of the page.