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Soon You Could Buy Long Island Solar Like Netflix – But You Probably Shouldn’t

Community solar is becoming more available all throughout the United States, even in New York. Ideal for homes that can’t get solar panels, community solar can generate decent savings but doesn’t quite come close to that of a rooftop solar installation on Long Island. A recent news article run by the Washington Post suggested that soon people will buy solar energy on-demand, paying for it like we do Netflix and other services today. If you have a roof, then community solar isn’t the best choice. A fully owned Long Island solar system can provide far stronger returns and can be considered an investment, rather than just another utility expense.

Why Are Journalists So Excited About Community Solar?

Buying solar like Netflix doesn’t sound too bad. Pay a monthly subscription and owe less to the utility company. In theory it seems good, but it’s the worst way to get solar if you own your home.

Let’s put things into perspective. Community solar is great if you don’t have a roof. A solar farm away from your home will generate electricity. You’ll pay for access to this electricity (either directly or through a complicated credit system that discounts your utility bill), and you’ll save a little bit of money every month. The problem is that you won’t actually own anything, and you’ll likely get locked into a contract that favors the community solar project rather than you.

But, if you lived in an apartment, condo, or home that wasn’t suited to solar, this could be a practical way to save money. However, if you have a home that does have a roof and if you own that home, the benefits of solar are so much better when you own the system.

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Rooftop Solar Power on Long Island Provides Maximum Savings

When you buy a solar system for your home, the savings that are generated are all yours to enjoy. There won’t be any complicated pricing table or special contract terms. Whether you use no money down financing or buy your Long Island solar system outright, all the savings will belong to you.

  • Your Long Island solar panels will generate energy for your home during the day.
  • You can export electricity to the grid to spin your meter in reverse.
  • Excess electricity helps to cover times of low production.
  • A Long Island solar system can pay for itself in 10 years and will keep working for up to 30 years.
  • There are few home investments that return the same kind of value.

A solar installation on Long Island is probably the single most important investment that you will make in your home besides a major remodel. Even when financing a system, the returns are significant, thanks to some generous tax credits and solar incentives that are available.

Community solar is essential for some areas where homes can’t have solar panels. For everyone else, a rooftop solar installation is one of the most effective ways to save money.

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