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Is the Rikers Renewable Solar Program Still Going Ahead?

New York City has some of the most intensive solar goals of any major city in the United States. The City, which has two boroughs located right here on Long Island, is aiming to generate 70% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

The problem with this comes in the form of land availability. To develop intensive solar programs, a large area is needed. Rikers Island has been identified as a potential site for a large solar farm, battery storage facility, and waste processing facility.

In 2021, the City Council passed a group of laws known as “Renewable Rikers”. It called for some specific actions. It instructed the Department of Environmental Protection to plan for composting and wastewater plants on Rikers Island. The same Department was also instructed to develop plans for a battery storage facility and renewable energy farm on the island. The laws also instructed the Department of Corrections to gradually transfer unused land and facilities to the Department of Administrative Services.

These were all lofty goals implemented under former Mayor Bill De Blasio. So far, Mayor Eric Adams hasn’t pursued any of these targets and it seems that they’re currently lagging. As it stands today, turning Rikers Island into a renewable energy facility isn’t on track to help New York achieve its climate and energy goals.

This month, advocate groups like the NYC Environmental Justice Alliance have been vocal about their disappointment in the stalling of the Rikers project. Opponents claim that renewables can be sourced from upstate and transmitted down to New York City and Long Island. Advocates say it’s not enough, because as it is today, the transmission grid in southern New York relies almost entirely on fuel oil and other fossil fuels.

It could take years before we get a concrete answer on the future of Rikers. The prison that occupies most of the island is slated to close in 2027, but even that could be delayed considering the lack of progress in other areas.

Disappointing News, But There Are Solar Program Options on Long Island

It’s easy to become frustrated by the speed at which the government progresses. Thankfully, if you want to get affordable renewable energy on Long Island, options are available to you and they’re already ready to be implemented.

A Long Island solar installation can provide clean and renewable energy to your home at a reasonable cost. With state and federal solar tax credits and incentives, the cost of switching to solar is more affordable than ever.

Solar panels on your rooftop can take care of your daytime energy needs. Solar power on Long Island can reduce your electricity bill, so you’ll generate savings over time. With a system that is correctly installed and sized for your home, you could see savings that pay for the cost of the system within the first ten years. Residential solar panels usually last around 25 to 30 years, so after the initial pay-through period, all of the savings can be considered a return on investment.

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Learn How You Can Save with Solar Power on Long Island

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