Roof Ready for Solar

Is Your Roof Ready for Solar? Your Solar Roofing Questions Answered

Getting solar installed at your home is a big step. You’ll have a lot of questions throughout your journey, all of which can be easily answered when you choose a reliable installer. Even before you get started, you probably have some key questions regarding your roof. After all, that’s where the panels will be installed. Is your roof ready for solar? Will the panels damage your roof? Will you need to replace your roof? These are some of the key questions that homeowners ask before installing solar on Long Island. We’re going to answer them to help get you ready for your switch to clean energy.

Are All Homes Suited to Solar?

Determining if your roof is ready for solar panels depends on the orientation of the roof as well as the condition of the roof.

The most ideal roof for solar will be south-facing. Oriented in this direction, the roof will get optimal exposure to the sun at any time of the year. North-facing roofing is unsuited for solar but considering that most homes have a symmetrical roof design, or a flat roof, this isn’t necessarily a problem. An east-facing roof is the least optimal for solar, but this isn’t always a problem. The system could generate up to 15% less electricity with an east-facing roof, which can be offset over the long lifetime (25 to 30 years) of solar panels.

The roof condition is also important. Because solar panels last so long, it’s important that the roof isn’t near the age of replacement. If it is, it’s often more economical to replace the roof at the same time as installing solar panels. This eliminates the need to pay to have the panels removed temporarily for a roof replacement in a few short years.

Even in the rare case that your roof is determined to be too suboptimal for solar, it’s possible to install the panels on other areas of your property like a garage, carport, or even on platforms on the ground, depending on the surrounding shade structures.

At Long Island Power Solutions, we provide detailed cost/benefit analysis reports. You’ll be able to evaluate the potential of solar and the return on investment, allowing you to make the best decision.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Will Solar Panels Harm the Roof?

If it’s determined that your home has a roof ready for solar, the installation will be scheduled after a detailed consultation and planning stage. Our team uses low-penetration racking and flashing. This ensures that panels are stable and weather-resistant. It also protects the roof from damage.

Solar panels won’t damage your roof or affect its durability.

Financing Solar with the Help of Federal and New York Solar Tax Credits

Solar panels were once expensive with a small return on investment. Today, the situation is vastly different. Solar panels can pay off in savings after the first ten years of ownership. All the savings after that go right back to you.

With the help of New York solar tax credits and federal credits, solar is more affordable than ever. There are also solar incentives available, based on the size of the system that you install. Long Island Power Solutions will help you to determine which incentives and credits apply in your case. Credits can be predicted and used to create an initial interest-free loan. Once you receive your credits, you’ll pay the loan in full, and then the rest of your solar bill will be moved to a solar loan with a term length that you choose.

Financing is available with no money down.

We’re Ready to Prepare Your Free Home Solar Estimate

Is your roof ready for solar? The only way to find out is to start with your free LI solar estimate and consultation today. If you like the initial ballpark figures from satellite data, we’ll come to your home for a detailed estimate and on-site inspection of your roof. Solar is an investment that will generate a return while giving your family clean and eco-friendly energy. Long Island Power Solutions is ready to help you make the switch.

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