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Getting the Best Price with a Long Island Power Company

You can make a long-lasting investment in your home with solar power on Long Island. Your Long Island solar installation will save money over time, generating a return on investment that helps you to reach your financial goals. Suppose you’re sick of the ridiculous electricity prices that continue to increase. In that case, it’s time to talk to a trusted Long Island Power Company that focuses on quality, reliability, and long-term returns.

How our Long Island Power Company Ensures Competitive Prices

The SMART Solar Program is available for every Long Island Power Solutions customer. It’s designed to ensure a quality Long Island solar installation while managing costs.

This program provides fair and detailed estimates based on measurable data. We will provide a complete cost/benefit analysis, so you’ll know if solar is right for your home. We are a leading Long Island power company partnered with some of the best solar innovators in the industry. Our access to the highest quality solar panels and equipment ensures that our systems are reliable and efficient. The best components mean that your Long Island solar installation can provide a better return on investment.

We don’t hide anything in our estimates. If you want reliable solar at a competitive price, you can trust our Long Island power company to deliver.

Solar Power on Long Island with Net Metering

Net Metering is an essential aspect of solar power on Long Island. It will help ensure you get a great return from your Long Island solar installation.

Net metering ensures you get paid for the energy you export back to the grid. Applied in the form of credits to your utility account, this will offset the energy that you import during the evenings when your solar panels switch off.

With Net Metering and an overall smaller utility bill, your solar system could pay for itself in savings within the first decade.

If you’re looking for a Long Island Power Company to install solar on your home, give us a call today to get started!

A Long Island Solar Installation Designed for Efficiency

We design systems with savings in mind. Our installation prices are competitive with the market. But it’s the value over time that makes solar such a versatile option for household savings.

We use the highest quality components and engineer our systems for efficiency, so your rooftop will generate the most electricity from the sunlight that hits it.

Senators Back New Development in Climate Spending – Solar will Benefit

Even with the best Long Island power company, there needs to be a market and regulatory environment that supports the wider industry. Lawmakers have finally agreed on a record-breaking spending package to enhance the U.S. solar power industry.

Senate lawmakers agreed on Friday that would secure $369 billion in spending for clean energy and climate initiatives. This will include spending to develop the U.S. solar panel manufacturing industry.

This will go a long way toward securing our energy future and should help keep the solar cost competitive in the coming years. Solar power on Long Island is already affordable thanks to the efficiency of Long Island Power Solutions and other reliable installers. The government also offers tax credits and incentive programs, like the New York State Tax Credit for solar, and the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit for homeowners.

Learn About the Cost of Solar with Long Island Power Solutions

We are the leading Long Island power company for your home installation. We’ve connected more than 5,000 families to date. You can get started with your free solar estimate from Long Island Power Solutions. Our initial estimates are based on satellite data. If the numbers are good, we’ll proceed to an on-site inspection and consultation so that you can get started with the switch. Solar power on Long Island is more affordable than ever. Now’s the time to gain your energy independence.

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