Generators on Long Island

Should You Pair Solar with Generators on Long Island?

Solar power on Long Island is a great way to cut your utility bill while providing clean power to your home. But if you’re looking for complete redundancy and disaster protection, you’ll need more than just the panels on your roof. Generators on Long Island are an option for backup power.

With backup power, you’ll be able to keep your lights on even when the grid goes down. Solar power on Long Island can be paired with traditional generators on Long Island. Here’s what you need to know…

Using Generators with a Long Island Solar Installation

Gas generators on Long Island can be used for standby power for your entire home. A generator can be configured with an automatic system that detects a power outage and switches your home’s electricity to the generator. Several fuel options are available, including gasoline, diesel, and propane.

Homes that use generators on Long Island can also have a Long Island solar installation. However, the systems won’t work at the same time. Your Long Island solar installation will shut down when the grid goes down. The connection to the grid will also be closed so the generator can kick in and power your home. The system needs to be professionally engineered and wired to ensure that the generator doesn’t feed any energy to the grid.

Generators on Long Island are best if you live in an area where you’ve experienced frequent and prolonged outages in recent years. However, a solar battery might be a better solution if you only need backup power for the odd power outage.

A Battery with Solar Power on Long Island Might be Better

A solar battery works slightly differently from a generator system. During the day, solar power on Long Island will power your home while also charging a battery array. You can then deploy electricity from the battery in the evenings when utility rates are at their highest. Your battery can also be charged to deploy if the grid goes down. The system can be configured in a hybrid mode so that you can deploy electricity to save money as well as store electricity for an emergency.

Generators can run indefinitely and are ideal for extended power outages. Batteries can power your home for several hours or several days, depending on the size of the system and how much electricity you need.

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Trust an Expert Team to Design Your System

The initial consultation is important to determine the right system for your needs. Long Island Power Solutions has the best engineers to ensure that your backup system is fit for purpose and cost-efficient.

We will consider your usage, the history of outages in your area, the stability of the network, and other factors that are unique to your home. It’s the same detail-oriented approach we use for Long Island solar installation. At the end of the day, we want you to get the best possible solution at a reasonable cost. We focus on savings and reliability.

Best of all, you can get started with your solar and backup system with a free ballpark estimate.

Senators Back New Development in Climate Spending – Solar will Benefit

Even with the best Long Island power company, there needs to be a market and regulatory environment that supports the wider industry. Lawmakers have finally agreed on a record-breaking spending package to enhance the U.S. solar power industry.

Senate lawmakers agreed on Friday that would secure $369 billion in spending for clean energy and climate initiatives. This will include spending to develop the U.S. solar panel manufacturing industry.

This will go a long way toward securing our energy future and should help keep the solar cost competitive in the coming years. Solar power on Long Island is already affordable thanks to the efficiency of Long Island Power Solutions and other reliable installers. The government also offers tax credits and incentive programs, like the New York State Tax Credit for solar, and the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit for homeowners.

Your Free Solar Estimate from Long Island Power Solutions

Get your free solar estimate today and see how much it would cost to install solar power on Long Island. If you like the early numbers, we’ll proceed to a detailed evaluation to provide you with the best solution and a cost/benefit analysis.

Solar can work with a battery or generators on Long Island. You just need the right team to help. Have confidence with Long Island Power Solutions. We’re standing by to get started on your project today.

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