Glen Cove Solar Company

Choosing the Best Glen Cove Solar Company

As you prepare to upgrade your home with solar panels, you’ll have several local companies to choose from. Getting the right Glen Cove solar company will ensure you’re ready to get all the benefits of solar.

Learn what to look for to get the best deal when you install solar panels in Glen Cove and see why Long Island Power Solutions is the preferred local choice.

5 Essentials to Look for in a Glen Cove Solar Company

Not every Glen Cove solar company is alike. Solar is a significant investment in your home. But it will pay off, many times over if you get the right company to install solar panels in Glen Cove.

Here are five important elements that you should always look out for when evaluating your options.

  • Local Familiarity – Sometimes, you’ll have technicians traveling across the state to install your solar. But you really need a Glen Cove solar company that is familiar with local regulations and even the unique environmental factors that can affect an installation.
  • Experience – This one is key. Before choosing a company to install solar panels in Glen Cove, ensure that the company has the right experience. An easy way to determine experience is to ask how many systems have been installed by the company.
  • Licensing and Affiliations – Your solar contractor on Long Island should be fully licensed and insured. You can also look for industry affiliations to determine the quality and reliability of the contractor.
  • Warranty – A warranty is essential when you install solar panels in Glen Cove. Solar will provide a strong return on investment if it is supported by the contractor over the expected lifetime of the panels. Most panels will last at least 20 years.
  • Cost – The cost of solar in Glen Cove will be an important factor as you make your decisions. You should look for a cost that is fair and competitive. Avoid contractors with unreasonably low prices because hidden costs often inflate these, or, they could indicate that the quality of the equipment and workmanship is sub-par.

Choose Long Island Power Solutions to Install Solar Panels

Knowing what to look for to install solar panels in Glen Cove, it will become obvious that Long Island Power Solutions is a company that stands above the competition.

We are locals based on Long Island, and we’ve installed solar at more than 5,000 properties. We are fully licensed and insured and are an NYSERDA-Approved contractor. This means we meet the highest standards for quality and consumer fairness.

We provide a 25-Year Warranty on solar panels through our SMART Solar Program. This program ensures that your system is suited to your home, ready for the future, and reliable for your daily needs.

Want to learn more about our Glen Cove Solar Company? Work with the experts today!

Understanding the Cost of Solar in Glen Cove

Solar panels are a cleaner and more reliable way to power your home. If you choose to install a solar battery, you’ll have complete protection from outages on the grid.

The cost of solar in Glen Cove is also much lower than electricity from the grid when looking at the lifetime of a system. At Long Island Power Solutions, we like to put the cost of solar in Glen Cove into context. We provide a cost/benefit analysis for every customer based on typical electric usage, previous bills, current utility rates, and the savings a system will provide over its lifetime.

Because you’ll have an accurate understanding of the long-term cost of solar in Glen Cove, you’ll be able to make an informed decision. We are in the business of providing reliability and savings to our customers. We won’t recommend an installation if the cost of solar in Glen Cove is higher than the benefits that will be provided.

Get Your Free Home Solar Estimate in Glen Cove

Don’t decide on solar until you have the right data. Get your free home solar estimate in Glen Cove from Long Island Power Solutions experts.

You can get a ballpark-free home solar estimate in Glen Cove today. With the initial numbers, we can proceed to a comprehensive on-site inspection to provide a cost/benefit analysis.

Long Island Power Solutions is the best Glen Cove solar company when you want all of the benefits of solar with complete peace of mind.

Your Free Solar Estimate from Long Island Power Solutions

Get your free solar estimate today and see how much it would cost to install solar power on Long Island. If you like the early numbers, we’ll proceed to a detailed evaluation to provide you with the best solution and a cost/benefit analysis.

Solar can work with a battery or generators on Long Island. You just need the right team to help. Have confidence with Long Island Power Solutions. We’re standing by to get started on your project today.

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