How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

When exploring your options for Long Island Power Solutions, you might find that panels and systems come with a lot of confusing terms. Cutting through the jargon will help you to make the right decisions about solar, especially when it comes to the size of your system.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

One of the biggest advantages of going solar is that your investment will continue to generate savings over time. What you might not already know is that the savings from solar don’t just last for years – they last for decades.

The Three Advantages of Solar Energy That Matter Most

Your free home solar estimate will give you an idea of the cost of solar on Long Island. You’ve probably noticed that rooftop solar is becoming more popular. It’s hard to miss the panels when you’re driving to work or even just walking throughout your neighborhood.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

One of the most important things to consider when switching to solar is the cost of doing so. Even knowing that you can save money with solar, the upfront cost is something that will factor into your decision.