Advantages of Solar Energy

The Three Advantages of Solar Energy That Matter Most

Your free home solar estimate will give you an idea of the cost of solar on Long Island. You’ve probably noticed that rooftop solar is becoming more popular. It’s hard to miss the panels when you’re driving to work or even just walking throughout your neighborhood. Why have so many people switched to solar, and why is demand increasing? Let’s look at three key advantages of solar energy to get some perspective on this.

You Can Save Money with Solar

With the help of SMART solar financing and New York solar tax credits, it has never been more affordable to make the switch. You’ll save money even before you start using your system. The team at Long Island Power Solutions can apply Federal and New York solar tax credits to SMART solar financing. An initial interest-free period will be based on expected credits. Best of all, you can get this financing with no money down.

Then, once everything’s installed, you’ll enjoy ongoing savings with solar power on Long Island.

  • Solar reduces your reliance on the grid, so you’ll owe less to the utility company every month.
  • You can export excess energy back to the grid, which generates credits on your account.
  • Your exports can help to offset the electricity you use in the evenings when your panels shut down.

You can also install a solar battery system, which can potentially increase your savings even more, depending on your unique needs.

Our team will look at your unique situation and provide a cost/benefit report. This will help you to understand the benefits of solar in terms of savings over time. Few other home investments can pay off like solar can.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Solar Improves Energy Independence and Security

With solar, you become more energy independent. You’ll no longer be at the mercy of the rates set by your utility provider. Sure, you’ll still use some electricity from the grid, but you’ll also generate significant amounts of your own electricity, so you’ll come out better off in the long term.

And, with a battery system, you could even have a backup solution so that your home stays on when the grid goes down. Long Island Power Solutions can configure a battery backup system that switches over when the grid goes down so that your lights and appliances keep running. On Long Island where the grid is often battered by storms and high demand, having this extra layer of redundancy is important.

Solar Can Become More Valuable with Time

Inflation pushes electricity rates up over time. But it’s not just a simple matter of inflation. Electricity is expensive to produce and distribute. As the population grows our consumption needs are also increasing. The electricity rates on Long Island and throughout New York are already out of control. We pay more than any other state in the contiguous U.S.

Having solar can protect you from rate hikes, so savings are likely to improve over time.

Enjoy All the Advantages of Solar Energy – Get Your Free Home Solar Estimate

A free home solar estimate can put everything into context. You can get yours from the team at Long Island Power Solutions. The advantages of solar energy are too significant to ignore. It’s the best investment you can make if you want to save money, gain energy independence, and see your savings grow over time. With generous tax credits and incentives available, there’s no reason not to get started on the switch today.

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