How Long Do Solar Panels Last on Long Island

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

One of the biggest advantages of going solar is that your investment will continue to generate savings over time. What you might not already know is that the savings from solar don’t just last for years – they last for decades. Choosing to install solar with Long Island Power Solutions will give you access to a long-term investment. How long do solar panels last? Let’s take a look at the current technology and find out.

The Durability of Solar Panels

While some parts of a solar panel are fragile, there is a layer of protection that keeps these components in good condition for decades, not years.

The top of every solar panel is coated in a layer of hardened glass. This protects the essential components from the elements, including rain, snow, hail, and dust. Solar panels are also reinforced with aluminum frames, which help to keep them rigid and aligned, even in high winds.

Solar panels are as durable as most roofing materials, which also makes them convenient. If you’re due for a roof replacement, then it’s a good idea to install solar panels at the same time. This might give you a clue about how long solar panels actually last…

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How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

So we know that solar panels are durable because of the materials used and the construction methods. How long will they last when installed on your roof?

At a minimum, solar panels should last for 25 years. With Long Island Power Solutions, you’ll get a 25-Year Warranty on your panels as part of the SMART Solar Program. This will give you confidence throughout the lifetime of your panels. No matter what happens with the weather, you can rely on your panels to continue to produce electricity for at least two and a half decades.

We say at least because solar panels can actually last beyond 25 years. The average life expectancy of a solar panel is 25 to 30 years. After 25 years the efficiency can drop by a fair amount, but panels will still provide value by offsetting the amount of energy that you need to take from the grid.

Our team uses low-penetration racking and flashing to ensure that panels are stable. This protects panels and your roof. Panels can also be protected with Critter Guard systems to stop leaves, debris, and wildlife from getting between panels and your roof.

A Return on Investment Even with SMART Solar Financing

You can get solar installed with SMART solar financing. This financing uses Federal and New York solar tax credits for an initial interest-free period with no money down.

Even if you finance your panels, you’ll still generate a strong return on investment. Solar panels generate monthly savings so your utility bill will drop significantly. Once your financing is fully paid, the savings generated can be considered profit. It all goes back into your pocket.

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The bottom line is that they last an average of 25 – 30 years, creating decades of savings and the potential for a strong return on investment. And, with generous New York solar tax credits, it’s more affordable than ever to make the switch.

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