SMART solar financing

Beat Inflation with Smart Solar Financing

Inflation is a major concern in the United States today. Interest rates are expected to increase dramatically in the second half of this year, but you can still get access to SMART solar financing with affordable rates today. Find out how!
NY Solar Credits

NY Solar Credits are Among the Best in the Nation

Tax incentives can reduce the cost of solar and improve the return over time. Without them, solar simply wouldn’t be viable for many families and businesses. If you’re on Long Island, you’ll have access to NY solar credits and a federal tax credit. Your potential savings are some of the highest in the nation.
solar installation in Shirley NY

5 Steps for Solar Installation in Shirley NY

You can save money and enjoy a more efficient home with solar installation in Shirley NY. With skyrocketing energy prices on Long Island, home solar in Shirley is one of the most important investments you will make.
New York Solar

Could New York Solar Panels Ever Work at Night?

If you’re looking for solar power on Long Island you probably already know that panels only work during the day. But could there be a future where your Long Island solar installation would work when the sun is down? It’s more likely than you think, at least according to the latest research.
Long Island Power Systems

No New Tariffs for Long Island Power Systems

If you’re thinking about installing Long Island power systems with solar this year, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The White House recently moved to prevent retroactive tariffs for a limited time, securing price stability for at least two years.
West Islip Solar Battery Backup System

The Benefits of a West Islip Solar Battery Backup System

Solar panels can make your home more efficient with affordable electricity. But you can really maximize the benefits when you add a West Islip solar battery backup system. Explore the advantages to help you decide the type of system that would best suit your home.
Long Island Emergency Power

Avoid Outages with Long Island Emergency Power

Solar power on Long Island can be combined with Long Island emergency power in the form of a battery backup system. This could prepare your home for any severe weather event and loss of power on the grid.
Best Solar Companies Near Me

Where are the Best Solar Companies Near Me?

Just this week, Dutch automaker Lightyear revealed an EV that takes current technologies a step forward. Unlike models from companies like Tesla, the new Lightyear has integrated solar panels, which can charge the internal batteries for around 44 miles of daily range.
East Patchogue Solar Company

How to Get Solar Installed by an East Patchogue Solar Company

If you’re looking for the most efficient and affordable way to power your home, solar is the answer. With our East Patchogue solar company, you’ll enjoy a stress-free consultation and a smooth installation with all the details taken care of. Learn more...