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An investment in solar power in Crystal Brook Long Island can provide years of reliability and savings. Solar saves you money by reducing the amount of electricity that you buy from the grid. With prices coming down over the years, and with the help of solar tax credits and incentives, now is the best time to make the switch. For solar to be viable, it has to provide a long return on investment. You’ve probably wondered… how long do solar panels last? While lifetime can vary between panels depending on the conditions, there’s a general average minimum that will give you confidence in your investment.

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The Durability of Solar Power in Crystal Brook Long Island

So how long do solar panels last in normal conditions? For the average installation, solar panels will last between 25 and 30 years. Some can last for longer, although efficiency will decrease once approaching the end of service life.

With Long Island Power Solutions, you’ll enjoy a 25-year warranty on your panels. This ensures that you get a strong return on investment with reliable solar for at least the next two and a half decades.

The durability of solar ties to the return on investment. The longer your panels last, the more time you’ll have to enjoy the savings and recoup the cost of installation, with additional savings on top. Most systems will pay through with savings (equal to the cost of installation), within the first ten years.

Solar power in Crystal Brook Long Island is one of the most valuable investments that you’ll ever make.

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How Often Do You Need Solar Panel Cleaning in Crystal Brook?

There’s very little maintenance needed for solar panels. When asking “how long do solar panels last”, maintenance is something that you should keep in mind. The only real maintenance is solar panel cleaning in Crystal Brook. With cleaning, your panels will be more efficient and protected from debris that can build up on the surface.

In most locations, cleaning will be infrequent. Most customers can expect to need solar panel cleaning in Crystal Brook every three to five years. Cleaning can be arranged through Long Island Power Solutions as part of a general maintenance package.

We also actively monitor our installations, so if it looks like your panels are dirty and dropping in their energy efficiency, we’ll be in touch to sort the problem out.

An Excellent Return on Investment

We’ve answered the question, how long do solar panels last. The next thing for you to determine is if the investment is worth it. You know that solar panels are durable and will last for decades, but is this enough time to make back your investment and enjoy savings on top?

Every use case is unique, so it’s not advised that you rely simply on the promise of savings. That’s why we provide every customer with an energy savings evaluation and a report detailing the cost/benefit relationship. You’ll understand the returns that solar can provide, with your initial investment (either outright or with financing) put into context.

We believe in educating our customers so that the right decisions can be made. At Long Island Power Solutions, we provide the information, you make the choice.

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