LI Solar Incentives

LI Solar Incentives Create Big Discounts for Residents

A Long Island solar installation can give you a more reliable and more efficient way to power your home. Most importantly, solar power on Long Island is also more affordable than buying your electricity from the grid. LI solar incentives, including federal and state tax credits, are a big part of what makes solar so affordable today. According to the latest data, incentives could reduce the cost of a Long Island Solar Installation by more than half.

What are LI Solar Incentives Really Worth?

The average savings with LI solar incentives can be difficult to calculate because every installation looks a little different. But, if we use some very broad figures, it’s possible to reduce the installation cost of solar power on Long Island by as much as 55%.

This is according to the online publication, Solar, a consumer website that focuses on solar education.

According to the site’s latest data, the real cost of a Long Island solar installation can be reduced by 55% when combining the new Federal tax credit and the State solar tax credit. Some customers could see even larger savings when eligible for a direct NYSERDA incentive.

As we mentioned, every case is a little different, so the best way to learn about your actual savings with LI solar incentives is to talk to the experts. The team at Long Island Power Solutions can use expected tax credits for an initial interest-free loan on solar. That means you can get solar installed with no money down. Tax credits pay off the initial loan once you receive them, and then you’ll switch over to standard financing with a competitive interest rate.

We provide free solar consultations and estimates, and we’re transparent with the information we provide. More than just giving you information about costs and financing, we’ll provide a full cost/benefit breakdown so you can see what solar power on Long Island would look like over time.

Putting the finances into perspective will help you to make an informed decision.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Why Are So Many Families Installing Solar Power on Long Island?

If you’ve noticed more solar panels on rooftops lately, don’t worry, you aren’t going crazy! Families are embracing solar in a big way. It’s thanks to the government incentives, the overall lower cost of Solar Power on Long Island, and the savings that are provided.

When you install solar panels, most of your daily electricity needs can be covered by your panels. Excess energy from your panels can be exported to the grid, which will spin your meter in reverse. This, in turn, helps to cover the evenings when you need to take energy from the grid.

In short, solar means you’ll owe less to the utility company every month.

Depending on inflation and other factors, the cost of electricity in America increases at a rate between 2% and 5% every other year. On Long Island, we’re already paying some of the highest rates in the nation. The cost to power a home here is nothing short of ridiculous.

Solar puts things back into balance and gives you control. We call it energy independence. You’ll no longer be a victim of the high electric utility rates on Long Island.

Want to Learn More? Get Started with Long Island Power Solutions

The team at Long Island Power Solutions is here to help you learn about solar and the benefits it can bring to your home. It all starts with your free solar estimate. Get your online estimate and begin the process of becoming energy independent. With LI solar incentives helping to make things more affordable than ever, it’s the best time to switch.

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