Why Don’t American Parking Lots Have Power Solar Arrays?

Despite some States like Texas and California generating huge amounts of solar electricity, America generates just 3% of its total electricity from solar panels. The trend is changing, with power solar installation becoming more popular with homeowners.

Long Island Solar Power Could Come from Space… One Day!

Although all solar power technically originates in space, the Long Island solar power that you can install at home will be converted and distributed by equipment right here on earth. This might change.

Should You Get a Floral Park Solar Battery Backup System?

Floral Park is a beautiful village in Nassau County, where it’s natural to want to preserve the environment while also investing in your home. If you want to make a smart investment that generates savings in the years to come,

Ohio Farmers Lose Out on Solar Power Energy – You Don’t Have To

A major solar developer has canceled plans for a 400MW solar power energy array in rural Ohio, following pushback from some locals and a group of lobbyists. The planned solar farm would have been one of the biggest in the country.