Apply Your New York Solar Tax Credit to a Long Island Solar Installation

Spring is right around the corner and soon it’s going to be the peak time of year to generate solar energy. Beginning the process of a Long Island solar installation can get you ready for the long days of summer ahead.

Net Metering Solar is Key to Solar Industry Growth

Solar is a growing industry in America. Long Island solar installations are in high demand, and the conditions are similar throughout the nation. If you’re looking to save money with more reliable electricity, solar power on Long Island is the best solution available to you.

Choose the Best Solar House Company for Eco-Friendly Electricity at Home

With Long Island’s leading solar house company, you can get a solar system that delivers both savings and environmental benefits. With a constantly rising cost of electricity and an increased awareness

There’s Strong Industry Resistance to Solar Tariffs

The U.S. government is now considering tariffs on panels produced in Southeast Asia. Industry executives have responded negatively to this news. Find out how this can affect your solar installation costs in the future.

The U.S. Government is Investing in the Solar Battery Supply Chain

Solar Power on Long Island is more efficient with battery backup. To keep the U.S. market competitive, the government is now directly funding the production of materials used for solar batteries and electric vehicles.