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Choose the Best Solar House Company for Eco-Friendly Electricity at Home

With Long Island’s leading solar house company, you can get a solar system that delivers both savings and environmental benefits. With a constantly rising cost of electricity and an increased awareness of the need to go renewable, it’s time to consider your options. Your Long Island solar installation will be stress-free with the best local solar house company. And, with the latest developments around solar recycling, you could significantly reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

A New Study is Positive for Solar Panel Recycling

Solar panel recycling is one of the major concerns that manufacturers will face as the demand for solar increases. Solar panels can be recycled at the end of their usable lifecycles, but there is currently a lack of infrastructure to do it efficiently.

This looks set to change as the solar industry expands. According to a recent Solar Panel Recycling Market Report, the market for recycling solar panels will expand at an annual rate of 37% between now and 2027. While recycling capacity still needs to catch up, the developments are significant, and the pace of recycling is likely to increase over time.

This is important news if you’re concerned about the sustainability of solar. Solar power on Long Island can offset the carbon footprint of your home and will produce more than 100x the energy used to create each panel. With recycling becoming a reality, solar power on Long Island will be more environmentally beneficial in the long term.

Materials like silver, aluminum, silicone, and copper are recoverable and can re-enter the supply chain for solar panel manufacturing.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Your Long Island Solar Installation Will Last for Decades

To get the best return on investment, and the best environmental benefits, solar power on Long Island needs to be long-lasting.

Your Long Island solar installation will be designed to withstand the elements. Our solar house company is uniquely experienced with the climate on Long Island, and we only use panels and components that are rated to withstand the conditions that we experience here.

With our solar house company, you’ll get a 25-Year Warranty for your Long Island solar installation, and panels typically produce electricity for 25 to 30 years.

Long Island Power Solutions Offers Support Throughout the Lifetime of Your Solar Panels

Even with solar panels being durable and long-lasting, it’s important that you have confidence in knowing that support will be there when you need it. Your installation with Long Island Power Solutions comes with the previously mentioned warranty, as well as dedicated 24/7 support. Solar panel failures are rare, but if something were to go wrong, Long Island Power Solutions would be available to provide a prompt fix.

We are a trusted local installer and have completed more than 5,000 installations throughout Long Island and New York.

Starting with Your Solar House Company Estimate

Solar saves you money. This has been demonstrated in recent years, especially with rising inflation and the high cost of electricity on Long Island. Systems are durable and provide a strong return on investment. Panels have become more affordable in the last decade. With government support in the form of incentives and tax credits, the market is friendlier than ever for homeowners.

You can find out how much you would save with a free energy evaluation and cost/benefit analysis. It starts with a free estimate for solar power on Long Island. Get yours today and see how the best solar house company on Long Island can help you.

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