Lawrence NY Solar Installation

Saving the Most Money with a Lawrence NY Solar Installation

Living in Lawrence Long Island puts you close enough to NYC for convenience but far away enough for comfort. But there’s one thing that everyone in New York State shares; It’s the ridiculous cost of electricity! With a Lawrence NY solar installation, you can forget about the hefty utility bills, and you can even generate a return from your investment over time.

Choosing the best Solar Installers in Lawrence

Before you even commit to a provider or a contract for Lawrence NY solar installation, it’s important that you choose a company you can trust. There’s a growing number of solar installers in Lawrence, but not every company has the expertise to provide the right solution.

If you don’t choose the best solar installers in Lawrence, you won’t get the savings that you expect.

Long Island Power Solutions is one of the most trusted solar installers in Lawrence. With more than 5,000 systems installed across Long Island and New York, you can have confidence knowing that we have the expertise to deliver the perfect solar system for your home. We offer standard residential solutions as well as customized solutions depending on your needs and your preference. We use the highest quality components to ensure that Lawrence home solar goes the distance.

With our solar installers in Lawrence, you’ll get a 25-Year warranty on rooftop solar panels, ensuring that you get the maximum lifetime and savings over time.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Lawrence Home Solar is Much More Affordable Than Power from the Grid

Without solar, you get all your electricity from the grid. This means that you’ll suffer from increasing rates, poor reliability, and higher costs during peak hours.

Lawrence home solar doesn’t take you completely off the grid, but it will provide significant savings to reduce your utility bill. Over time, these savings will not only equal what you pay for Lawrence NY solar installation but will generate a return on investment. With the long life of solar panels, the savings are essentially guaranteed for years to come.

  • Through a net metering agreement with your utility company, you’ll get credits for the electricity that you export to the grid. During the day, solar panels typically produce more electricity than is used in the home.
  • There are solar incentives and generous tax benefits that will help to offset the cost of your Lawrence NY solar installation. Today, the Federal tax credit is set at 30% of the cost of the system, and it will be available until 2032.
  • You can trust that our Lawrence home solar installers are up to the task. We are a NYSERDA-Approved company, meaning that we meet the highest industry standards for quality, safety, and customer service.
  • You don’t have to pay for Lawrence home solar We can help you with no-money-down financing. The initial term is interest-free and based on expected solar tax credits. We are partnered with the leading solar financing company in New York.

With our team, you can enjoy savings from the moment that your panels are switched on. We also offer solutions that can improve savings and reliability, like solar battery backup.

Don’t wait to start saving with solar. Inflation and rising electricity rates are no longer feasible for the average family. Consider solar and enjoy the savings that can give you more financial freedom and true energy independence.

The SMART Solar Program on Long Island

Another way we ensure savings is with our SMART Solar Program. This program has been designed to make the installation and ownership process simplified and smooth.

With the SMART Solar Program, you’ll enjoy both savings and reliability.

  • With your estimate, you’ll get a free energy savings assessment with a cost/benefit analysis. You’ll know the expected savings before you commit to your Lawrence NY solar installation.
  • We provide mobile apps to monitor system stats like consumption and energy usage.
  • We actively monitor our installations and provide 24/7 support to our customers.
  • You’ll have complete peace of mind with our 25-Year Warranty for solar panels on Long Island.
  • Our solar installers in Lawrence use low-penetration racking and flashing so solar panels are secured without damaging your roof. Solar panels look better with our system, so the aesthetic of your home will remain largely unchanged.

Get Your Free Estimate from Satellite Data

You can get a free estimate for Lawrence Solar, using the latest satellite data. From here, we can schedule a detailed site inspection and your free energy savings assessment. Join the clean energy revolution and save money with Long Island Power Solutions, the best solar installers in Lawrence.

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