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Can You Go Off-Grid with Solar Power in Lynbrook NY?

The idea of going off-grid with solar power on Long Island is something that appeals to many homeowners. After all, going off-grid means not paying the utility company and having real energy independence. Is home solar enough to take you completely off the grid, and is this even the best goal for you?

Let’s consider the details, and learn the best way to power your home in Lynbrook, Nassau County.

Is it Worth Going Off the Grid?

Energy independence is the main reason that people consider going off-grid with solar power in Lynbrook NY, or anywhere else for that matter.

Energy independence means having more control over the electricity you use and the investment that you put into it. Having a home that is fully independent of the grid could allow for this, but there are practical and logistical challenges.

Homes that are 100% off the grid are typically either very small or very isolated. Tiny homes can often run off the grid using solar panels, but this is only practical because the energy demands of these homes are exceedingly small.

If you consider a standard family home like a three, four, or five+ bedroom home, then going off the grid starts to become more of a challenge. For most families, disconnecting from the utility line would mean a massive array of solar panels and an extensive solar battery backup system. The cost would be prohibitive especially when comparing it to the return on investment.

In this sense, it’s not actually worth going off-grid in many cases. The good news is that while you will still rely on the grid sometimes, you can still be effectively energy independent.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Designing the Right Type of System with a Lynbrook NY Solar Company

Our Lynbrook NY solar company can help you to understand your unique needs so that a solar system delivers savings and reliability.

With a rooftop solar installation, you’ll still be connected to the grid, but your panels will work to ensure that you have a level of energy independence that isn’t possible when buying all of your electricity from the utility company.

  • During the daytime, your home will generate solar electricity to power your outlets and appliances.
  • If you install a solar battery system, this will charge during the day with excess electricity.
  • Any leftover excess can be exported back to the grid to spin your meter in reverse.

With Net Metering, the excess you send to the grid will help to cover the electricity that you buy from the grid in the evenings or on cloudy days when solar production is low. So even though you won’t be completely off the grid, your system will still help to minimize your reliance on the utility company.

When looking at solar production/Net Metering over a year, your system will generate significant savings. In most cases, solar panels will generate savings equal to the cost of installation within the first ten years of ownership. Solar panels are expected to last 25 to 30 years, so once you get past the pay-through period, all of those savings go right back into your wallet.

Your system will be carefully designed so that it provides the best balance of savings and reliability.

Get an Estimate and Learn About Home Solar Financing

You don’t have to make any assumptions when you get solar. Our team will provide you with a detailed estimate, cost/benefit evaluation, and full consultation so that you can get the best solar solution for you and your family. We only recommend solar when it makes sense for the home, which means that we’ll ensure your investment is going to pay off in the long run.

Start with your free estimate, apply for no money down home solar financing, and switch to clean energy. You don’t have to go completely off-grid to enjoy energy independence on Long Island.

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