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Can We Use Robots to Clean Solar Panel Solar Systems?

Robots, once the realm of science fiction, are seemingly everywhere today. Just as we accept robots making things like our computers and cars, we’re happy to use robots that sweep and vacuum the floors in our homes. In the near future, we might even use robots for solar panel solar systems.

Robotic cleaning devices could be used to keep solar panels clean, ensuring efficiency for solar Long Island solar installations. Here’s what you need to know about the technology currently being developed.

Robotic Solar Panel Solar Cleaning Technology

In Spain, large solar panel arrays are maintained by a robot called SandStorm. The autonomous cleaning robot moves automatically along solar panels, removing the debris that can develop over time. The robot can reduce maintenance and cleaning costs by as much as 80%, which can be a huge amount of money when looking at a grid-scale solar farm.

This week, it was announced that one Spanish solar company was investing in 150 new solar panel robots to help maintain its commercial arrays.

Similar robots are being developed around the world. Some companies are even looking into drone-type robots that could clean residential solar panels without having to send a technician to the home. These drones would move autonomously and clean at pre-arranged intervals.

Although drones aren’t in widespread use for residential panels today, they could become more common within the next ten years, especially in dry and dusty regions like Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and parts of California.

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Maintaining Solar Power on Long Island

Dust and debris that builds up on solar panels can reduce the overall efficiency of the cells. In New York State, the problem isn’t as significant as elsewhere, but your solar panels will still need to be cleaned occasionally.

How often do you need to clean solar panels? It all depends on your location, the position of your solar panels, and how much dust/organic debris is in the air around your home. Some families only need solar panel cleaning every four or five years, and some might need cleaning every two to three years.

Your Long Island solar installation will come with active monitoring, so it will become apparent when the output/efficiency of your panels drops. With a maintenance package from Long Island Power Solutions, the cleaning will be taken care of only when it’s necessary. We can give you a rough estimate of the cleaning frequency once the installation is completed.

We provide support throughout the lifetime of solar panels, so you won’t have to worry about finding a cleaner (or a robot) when your solar panels are affected by dust and debris. You can simply call us, and we’ll arrange for an inspection and cleaning service.

Choose the Best Company for Your Long Island Solar Installation

If you want the best support, ongoing maintenance, and a reliable warranty, you need to choose a trusted company for solar panel solar installation.

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