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Another Major Solar Panel Solar Factory Coming to the US

America’s solar industry is rapidly expanding. We are quickly transitioning away from importing all of our solar panels. A robust domestic manufacturing market is being developed, which should ease supply chain concerns while keeping costs manageable. The expansion of the solar industry will also create tens of thousands of jobs.

Over the weekend, it was announced that First Solar is building its fifth solar panel solar factory in the U.S., with a planned $1.1 billion investment.

America’s Latest Solar Panel Solar Factory

The world’s largest solar companies now manufacture or are planning to manufacture in America. This includes suppliers to Long Island Power Solutions, like Q Cells. Hanwha Q Cells announced two months ago that it was developing a new 1.7GW factory in Dalton, Georgia.

In more recent news, First Solar, a company that already has four solar factories in America, is investing $1.1 billion to build another one. The company is yet to decide on the location for its next facility, but it has announced that it aims to have it up and running by 2026.

The company also aims to have the factory produce panels using 100% American-made components.

This is great news for the industry as a whole and it continues to underline an important fact. The stronger the domestic manufacturing industry is, the more benefits there will be for consumers and domestic job seekers.

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Does Country of Origin Matter for Your Long Island Solar Installation?

If you’re thinking of getting solar power on Long Island, the components used for your installation will likely be sourced from a variety of countries. Most of the solar panels installed in the U.S. are produced in China and neighboring countries like Vietnam and Cambodia. With new investments in domestic manufacturing, this should change over the next decade.

As it stands today, the country of origin won’t have any major impact on your system. Your Long Island solar installation will be planned with the best components and technologies that are currently available. Performance and price are both key.

Long Island Power Solutions is partnered with industry leaders, many of which have or plan to have manufacturing facilities in the United States. Our team supports the expansion of the domestic solar industry, and we balance this support with providing the best value to our customers.

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Long Island solar could result in significant savings for your family. Installing panels will reduce your reliance on the grid, leading to smaller energy bills. Over time, your system will produce a return on investment that exceeds the cost of installation.

When you get your free solar estimate, you’ll also be provided with a detailed cost/benefit breakdown. This will help you to understand the long-term value of solar. You can get solar financing with no money down, and there are solar tax credits and incentives available to keep everything affordable. You can even get an interest-free period on your financing, based on expected tax credits.

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There’s an ongoing expansion of solar panel solar factory facilities in the U.S. and the domestic industry is strengthening. You can join the solar revolution by talking to our team today. With more than 5,000 systems installed across Long Island and New York, we have the experience and skill to ensure you get solar done right the first time.

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