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The 5 Stages of Your Yaphank Solar Installation

A solar installation in Yaphank Long Island can give you energy independence and cost savings that last for decades. Solar is clean, efficient, renewable, and affordable. With Long Island Power Solutions, getting started with your Yaphank solar installation will be simple.

Learn about our installation process and talk to us today to start with your free estimate and consultation.

  1. Free Estimate and Consultation for Yaphank Solar Installation

The process begins with your free solar estimate. You can get an initial estimate online, which will be based on satellite data. We’ll then begin the consultation process and will schedule an on-site evaluation if you’re happy to move forward based on the initial numbers.

This stage is important. It will help you to understand the potential returns that you could enjoy with solar on your rooftop. Design and engineering are important, so we take great care during this stage so that the planned system will meet your unique needs.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

  1. On-Site Survey and Cost-Benefit Report

The on-site survey will include a roof inspection and an evaluation of the shade structures surrounding your home. With the physical inspection, drone images, and software modeling, we’ll be able to provide a final quote and can begin the design and engineering for your system. At this point, you can choose to sign a contract to move forward with your Yaphank solar installation.

The process will include a detailed cost-benefit report. This report will put the investment into perspective by predicting the potential savings that your solar system will generate, relative to the outright cost (or the cost of financing).

  1. Permits Taken Care Of

It can be difficult to navigate the permits and approvals necessary to install solar. Our team has experience in this area. You won’t need to worry about filling out numerous forms or talking to various people within the government. We’ll take care of the permits, and you’ll only need to fill out forms once.

Because we’re experienced, our solar plans meet code and compliance, so the permit process is quick and efficient.

  1. The Installation

Once all the planning is complete, we will schedule the installation on a day that works for you. The actual physical solar installation can be completed in less than a day for most homes. We’ll come out, install the panels and other equipment, and leave nothing behind but clean and reliable solar. We remove all mess and materials and will treat you and your home with respect.

Our professionalism has made us one of the most trusted solar installation companies on Long Island.

  1. Welcome Meeting

When everything is installed and connected, we’ll have a welcome meeting with you at your home. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about your system. We’ll get you set up with solar monitoring apps so that you can track production and consumption. If you choose to install a solar battery, we’ll get this configured and teach you how it works.

We provide a 25-Year Warranty with our solar panels, and we offer ongoing support. We’ll be here in case you have questions or any issues throughout the lifetime of your system.

There are Financing Options for Yaphank Solar

Solar has become more affordable over time and there are financing options for Yaphank solar, so you don’t need to pay for everything upfront. Our no money down solar in Yaphank Long Island gives you an interest-free period, based on the solar tax credits that you’re eligible for. There are state and federal credits, as well as state incentives that make your switch to solar more affordable.

Most homeowners will qualify for financing. You can learn more and apply by talking to our team today.

Choose Long Island’s Solar Experts

Long Island Power Solutions is trusted throughout Long Island and New York. We’ve completed more than 5,000 system installations so far.

Get your free Long Island solar estimate and see just how affordable it can be to get a Yaphank solar installation.

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