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Can You Get the Federal Solar Incentive in Setauket Long Island?

The Federal Solar Incentive is one of the most important ways that you can save money on your Long Island solar installation. The cost of solar in Setauket Long Island has come down significantly in the last decade. With the federal solar incentive in Setauket, the situation is better than ever before.

Learn about the federal solar incentive, what it covers, and how it’s helping families to get clean and renewable energy in their homes.

What is the Federal Solar Incentive?

The federal solar incentive in Setauket (also available throughout the U.S.) is a tax credit allowing you to claim up to 30% on the cost of your solar installation. The credit works as a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the amount of income tax you would owe.

It can be applied to all aspects of your solar system, which can include a solar battery. The federal incentive can be used even if you claim state benefits, although you should keep in mind that the amount paid on your state taxes will affect what you owe on your federal taxes.

The credit can only be applied if you install the system at your primary residence.

If you own your home and are buying your system rather than leasing it, then you can take advantage of this incentive to significantly reduce the cost of solar in Setauket Long Island.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Applying for Financing with Setauket Solar Companies

Most Setauket solar companies offer some form of solar financing. At Long Island Power Solutions, we integrate expected tax credits directly into our split-financing model.

Expected tax credits (state and federal) will be calculated in advance. You’ll get an interest-free period on your financing based on these credits. Once the tax year rolls over, you can pay the initial loan in full.

Financing will then move onto the second stage, with an interest rate that’s competitive with the wider industry. You can choose the length of the second stage of financing so that the repayments are manageable.

With no money down and an interest-free period, solar is not just accessible, but it’s also significantly more affordable than ever before. Even if you finance your system, you’ll enjoy a strong return on your investment. Solar systems generate savings by reducing the amount of electricity that is consumed from the grid. The result is smaller utility bills. Solar systems typically generate savings equal to the cost of installation within the first ten years.

Getting a Free Home Solar Estimate on Long Island

For most families, solar makes sense. During the day, solar panels will provide electricity to the home and any surplus will be exported to the grid to spin the meter in reverse. Adding a solar battery can provide even more value by adding backup potential. You could also use a battery system to store energy that can be used in the evenings when solar panels shut down.

To understand if solar is right for your needs, you’ll need to start with a free home solar estimate on Long Island. The initial estimate will be based on the latest satellite data, giving you a ballpark figure for your installation. We’ll then take you through a detailed energy-saving evaluation and will schedule an on-site estimate. Finally, we’ll provide a cost-benefit analysis based on all the data so that you can see how your system will provide value over time.

There are options for your solar system, depending on your budget, your unique needs, and the size of your home. We are partnered with the world’s leading solar panel manufacturers and battery technology companies, including Panasonic, Tesla, and Q Cells.

Start the Process to Get Solar in Setauket

The generous federal solar incentive in Setauket is just one of the reasons to consider a solar installation for your home. Talk to the team at Long Island Power Solutions and get the best advice, a free solar estimate, and a detailed consultation so that you can learn if solar is right for you. Renewable energy at home can lead to significant savings over time. Find out how with the most trusted solar installers on Long Island.

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