How Long Will Your Solar Panels Last

How Long Does a Solar Battery Last?

If you’re considering a solar panel installation on Long Island, you can also consider adding a solar battery system. A battery can provide increased savings as well as reliability, acting as backup power when the grid goes down.

Solar panels last for around 25 to 30 years, but how long does a solar battery last? Find out in our guide and get your free home solar estimate today.

The Lifecycle of a Solar Battery

The average lifecycle of a solar battery is around 10 to 15 years. However, this can vary depending on how the battery is used and how often it is used. Some batteries will continue to provide a reliable charge for up to 20 years. Battery technology continues to improve with time, so you can expect the lifecycle of a solar battery to increase in the coming years.

Even if the technology gets better, it’s worth investing in a solar battery today. This is because a battery can provide increased savings now, even at the current efficiency and durability rates.

  • During the day, your solar battery will store electricity generated by your solar panels.
  • You can use this in the evenings to reduce your reliance on your utility provider.
  • Having solar panels and a solar battery results in smaller monthly utility bills.
  • Your solar battery can also act as a backup system if there’s an outage on the grid.

Knowing how long does a solar battery last is important. You’ll need to consider the durability and the return on investment before you choose to install one at your home. At Long Island Power Solutions, we make this easy. We’ll provide a detailed consultation and energy savings evaluation, including a cost/benefit report. We only recommend additional systems like solar batteries when they will provide value.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Can You Power Your Whole Home with a Solar Battery?

Solar batteries are designed to offset electricity usage while also providing emergency power. In most cases, the system won’t be designed to power every outlet and appliance in your home. That’s because as you add capacity, the cost/benefit ratio starts to decrease.

Most homes will generate good savings and have reliable backup electricity when using a 10kWh battery. This size could increase or decrease depending on the unique needs of the household.

Generally, a solar battery will be connected to a few key appliances, outlets, and lighting. You can choose how the system is configured before going ahead with the installation. At Long Island Power Solutions we have a team of expert integration professionals so you’ll have no trouble getting a system that is suited to your needs.

Covering Your Solar Battery with SMART Solar Financing

You can apply SMART solar financing to your solar panel and solar battery installation.

  • Our financing is split into two periods.
  • The first is interest-free and based on expected solar tax credits.
  • The second is a standard loan with a competitive interest rate.
  • You can choose the term of the second loan so that payments are affordable.

Even with financing, solar will provide a return on investment. Most systems can generate savings equal to the cost of the installation within the first decade. We’ll give you an estimate on the pay-through period during your free solar consultation.

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