How Long Will Your Solar Panels Last

Are There Viable Solar Alternatives for Your Home?

Solar Alternatives, in the last ten years, rooftop solar power has quickly emerged as the best option for both cost savings and environmental benefits at home. Over time, the cost of solar has decreased, and no money down solar financing has put capable and reliable rooftop systems within reach of the average family.

If you’re thinking about getting solar, you might also be wondering if there are solar alternatives available.

Home Wind Turbines

There was a lot of news coverage surrounding home wind turbines during 2022, but the coverage has lessened this year. Home wind turbines have been positioned as the best alternative to solar, with some saying that wind turbines are more reliable because they can work during the day and at night.

While wind turbines do play a role in the creation of clean energy, they’re not currently viable for the average home. This makes it hard to call them direct solar alternatives.

The few options available for homeowners have relatively low output and require service and maintenance. Some interesting designs and technologies are being developed, but we’re yet to see these enter the market.

Wind also comes with the problem of being less consistent than solar. While solar works most days of the year, there could be long periods where there’s not enough wind at your property to spin a turbine.

Solar also integrates aesthetically with a rooftop, unlike turbines that can be unsightly on a residential property. Take a look at our gallery to see what rooftop solar looks like.

For now, wind power works best for grid-scale generation at specific locations across the United States. For the home, solar easily beats wind in terms of the overall return on investment.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Is Community Solar an Option?

Community solar projects may look attractive, but they come with a high level of risk, making them poor solar alternatives when compared to rooftop solar.

With community solar, residents essentially buy into a community solar farm to enjoy the benefits of the solar generated there. The problem is that regulations are lax, and most community projects fail to deliver the promised savings. You also won’t own anything with community solar, so you won’t actually be gaining an asset.

Compare this to rooftop solar where you will own the panels, installed on your property, and you can start to understand why most homeowners choose to buy their solar panels rather than join a larger project.

Rooftop Solar is Still the Best Option for Homes on Long Island

Electricity rates on Long Island are some of the highest in the nation. With solar, you won’t need to worry.

  • Solar will save you money by reducing your reliance on the grid.
  • Solar panels work for 25 to 30 years, so there’s a long return on investment.
  • Solar is more consistent than home wind turbines.
  • Solar will provide better returns than community solar.

You don’t have to guess. You can get a free home solar estimate from the team at Long Island Power Solutions. With our estimate, we’ll also initiate a detailed consultation process with an energy savings evaluation. We’ll predict your savings over time, so you can see how your investment will pay off. Alternatives to solar aren’t truly comparable in terms of savings and reliability. The simple fact is that rooftop solar is the best way to get clean energy at home.

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Solar alternatives can’t provide the same amount of value or reliability for the average home. Switch to clean energy the right way by talking to Long Island Power Solutions today.

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