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Three Things to Do Before Your Home Solar Installation in North Sea Long Island

You can save money on utility costs for your home in North Sea Long Island. Solar panels on your rooftop can significantly offset your electricity consumption, meaning you owe less to the utility company every month. A home solar installation in North Sea Long Island could provide a major return on investment over time. Best of all, it’s easy to get installed when you work with an experienced local company.

Here are three things you need to do to get solar on your rooftop.

1: Get Your Free Home Solar Estimate

Your free home solar estimate is one of the most important pieces of information you will get on your solar journey. The initial estimate will give you a ballpark idea of the cost of solar.

With Long Island Power Solutions, online estimates are based on the latest satellite data. Your initial estimate will help you to decide on your next step. If you like the numbers, then you can go ahead and begin the consultation process. There’s no cost for the initial estimate. With our team, you won’t put any money down until you’re ready to go ahead with the installation.

While initial estimates can be surprisingly accurate, there are a few things to keep in mind…

  • Solar tax credits and incentives can lower the real cost of going solar. In most cases, we can get the actual figure to come down significantly when factoring in all the incentives.
  • If you want to add a solar battery backup system, this will add to the total cost of your installation. The good news is that incentives can be applied to the total bill, which includes panels, labor, equipment, and battery energy storage.
  • You can finance your solar installation. Long Island Power Solutions offers no money down solar with an interest-free period, based on expected tax credits.

Your free solar estimate is available.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

2: Begin the Detailed Consultation Process for Solar Power in North Sea

Your estimate will give you a basic idea of what solar power in North Sea might cost. You’ll learn much more in your detailed consultation. This is also a free service offered by Long Island Power Solutions.

We’ll look at your unique needs to design a solar solution that is right for your home. We’ll consider your usage patterns, your past bills, and the types of appliances you use in your home. We’ll send a technician to your home to inspect your roof and make sure that it’s ready for solar. We’ll use the on-site survey to provide you with a final quote on the cost of solar installation.

During this process, we’ll also give you a cost/benefit analysis report. This detailed report will put the cost of solar installation into perspective with potential savings over time. You’ll be able to evaluate solar for its value as a long-term investment.

3: Schedule Your Home Solar Installation in North Sea Long Island

Once you’re happy with the final quote, we’ll take care of the system design and even the permits for your home solar installation in North Sea Long Island. The only thing left to do at that point will be to schedule your installation. We’ll set the installation for a day and time that works for you. It generally takes around half a day to complete a solar installation.

We work efficiently and quickly without compromising quality or safety. We’ll clean up all mess as we go, leaving nothing behind but clean and reliable solar.

Talk to the Solar Experts in North Sea

Long Island Power Solutions is one of the most experienced solar installers in Suffolk County. Choose a company with more than 5,000 successful installations so far. Your free solar estimate is available now, and we’re ready to get started on the consultation process. Enjoy the cost savings and reliability that a home solar installation in North Sea Long Island can provide. With our team, getting clean and affordable energy at home is easier than it has ever been.

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