How Long Will Your Solar Panels Last

Questions to Ask Your Installer Before You Get Solar in Canaan Lake

With lower prices and excellent incentives, solar in Canaan Lake is a realistic option for most families. If you’re considering solar for your home, you’ll find that there is a growing number of Long Island solar companies that compete for your contract.

If you want to make sure that you get the right Canaan Lake solar company for your needs, there are a few things that you should look for. Here’s what to ask to make sure that you have an experienced solar company working for you.

How Much Will It Cost?

Solar can save you money and will provide a return over time when the system is designed to suit your needs. Even if you can make money from solar in the long term, the bottom line cost is still going to be one of your major deciding factors.

You should expect a free home estimate for solar in Canaan Lake. Most reputable installers will be able to provide a ballpark estimate online, which is typically followed by an on-site evaluation and final quote.

When you choose Long Island Power Solutions, you’ll get an initial estimate, and then we’ll take you through a detailed consultation process to ensure that solar is right for your needs.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Is My Roof Ready for Solar?

Another key question to consider is if your roof is ready for solar. With the right Canaan Lake solar company you will get a detailed roof inspection along with the solar estimate and consultation.

Generally, the roof should be replaced if it’s within five years of its end of life. Solar panels typically last around 25 to 30 years, so it’s best to align the durability of the roofing material with the durability of the panels.

Long Island Power Solutions has a team of experienced solar roofing professionals ready to help you. We have decades of combined knowledge in the solar and roofing industries. We can provide cost-efficient and reliable roof repair or replacement services when these are needed for your solar installation.

When we install solar, we use low-penetration racking and flashing. This can protect the roof while ensuring that solar panels are secure. We can also install critter guards to prevent animals and debris from getting underneath your solar panels.

What Will My Solar Savings Look Like Over Time?

There’s often a promise given that solar will save you money. In most cases, this is true. Electricity rates in New York State are unusually expensive. We pay more than anyone else in the contiguous United States. Even if solar is likely to save you money, it’s important that you know how much. You should also ask how long it will take for your system to pay for itself in savings.

The team at Long Island Power Solutions will provide a detailed cost/benefit estimate so that you can compare the price of your solar installation with the savings that it is likely to generate over time. This is one of the most important pieces of information that you will get as you decide if solar is worth it for your home.

Can I Get Home Solar Financing?

Solar is an excellent investment but it’s also a significant investment. Most families choose home solar financing to keep things affordable.

When considering installers, ask about the financing details. The cost of financing can influence the true value of the solar system that you install.

Our team likes to keep things transparent. We can provide no money down solar financing. The initial period will be interest-free, based on expected solar tax credits. These credits can offset your cost of installation in a big way. The federal solar tax credit is worth up to 30% of your total installation cost.

For the easiest financing and the most straightforward information, insist on the experienced team at Long Island Power Solutions.

Talk to a Friendly Canaan Lake Solar Company

It’s time to talk to our team for the best deal on solar in Canaan Lake. Long Island Power Solutions is standing by with your free home solar estimate. Get accurate information with a detailed consultation process that lets you know if solar is worth it. With an experienced solar installer, you’ll find it simple and stress-free to switch to clean energy.

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