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How Does Your Solar Installer Design a Solar Battery Backup System?

With solar panels and a battery backup system, you can enjoy reliable electricity at home with more savings and energy independence. To design a solar battery backup system, your installer needs to understand your unique needs and your energy usage patterns.

As you prepare for your free solar estimate, you can take a moment to learn about how backup systems are designed and integrated into your home.

Two Key Functions Considered in the Design of a Solar Battery Backup System

For solar power on Long Island, there are two main functions that your solar backup system will have:

  • The battery system will connect to your solar panels and the grid, working as a backup. If the grid goes down, your system will detect this. It will isolate your home from the grid, and your key circuits and appliances will then run from battery power until the grid comes back online.
  • The system can also be used for time-of-use rate spikes. If your electricity provider uses time-of-use billing, then your consumption will be charged at a higher rate during peak hours. This often crosses over with evenings when your solar panels shut down. Instead of buying all of your electricity from the grid, you’ll use the energy stored in your solar batteries first. This can dramatically improve the savings that you enjoy with a solar panel system.

Systems can be configured to run in both modes, which is considered in the design of a solar battery backup system. During outages, your battery will work as a backup system. In normal use, your battery will be programmed to deploy electricity when grid rates are at their highest.

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Sizing the Solar Battery and Your Free Home Solar Estimate

You can get a free home solar estimate for solar panels and a battery backup system. When you begin the consultation process, you’ll get a clearer idea of what your system would cost with a battery system that is sized uniquely for your needs.

Some basic ratios are used, and several factors are considered. The size of your home, your average energy usage, and the size of your intended solar system will all factor into the calculation.

Most three-bedroom homes will need at least a 10kWh solar battery, and larger homes might need two solar batteries or a larger system overall. There’s no “one size suits all” when it comes to solar batteries. The best way to learn about the size requirements and the cost is to start with your free solar estimate.

At Long Island Power Solutions, we offer detailed consultations so that you can get the best solution for your needs. We also provide detailed cost/benefit breakdowns so that you can see how your investment in solar would work and provide value over time.

SMART Solar Financing for Solar Batteries

Your solar battery can be covered by SMART solar financing. Your solar tax credits and incentives will be calculated based on your total solar bill; this includes the battery system. Some credits, like the 30% federal solar tax credit, can significantly reduce the real cost of switching to solar with a battery backup system.

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