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SMART Solar Systems Leave Coal in the Dust

America is undergoing an energy transition. As the nation moves away from fossil fuels, renewable sources have emerged as more efficient and, in many cases, more affordable ways to generate electricity. If you’ve been considering solar power on Long Island, it’s probably the savings that first attracted you.

SMART solar systems benefit homeowners by reducing utility bills and providing more energy independence. Solar is also the best choice for grid-scale electricity in many cases. In the news this week, it has been revealed that solar is more affordable than coal in any way that you look at it.

Researchers Release Damning Report on Coal Energy

Energy Innovation, an American policy think tank, has released the details of a recent study looking at the cost and benefits of coal power. The study compared coal to renewable sources like wind and solar and found that renewables are cheaper in almost every single scenario.

Evaluating America’s 210 coal-fueled power plants, Energy Innovation found that 209 of these would be more cost-efficient to replace with either wind or solar. Essentially, the data says that coal plants cost more to run, maintain, and repair. It would be more economical to simply replace these with renewable plants.

For perspective, when comparing total energy output, solar projects cost around 60% of what it takes to build coal or natural gas plants.

The study acknowledges that the transition from coal isn’t as simple as the numbers. Some municipalities continue to use coal because it’s more realistic to maintain existing plants than to lay out new capital to build new renewable projects. The study provides potential ways to overcome this, such as building support in state legislatures and taking advantage of federal funding initiatives.

Municipalities could also look to the private sector, where larger firms may be willing to invest in grid-scale renewable utility projects.

The long-term benefits of switching to solar are significant. Emissions can be dramatically reduced, and clean energy projects can create new jobs as well as attract ancillary high-tech industries and investment.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

You Can Install a SMART Solar System at Home

It will be interesting to see how individual municipalities move forward with their energy sectors. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for anything at home. You can get connected to clean energy with solar power on Long Island. There’s no need to rely on the local government or grid operator. With a Long Island solar installation, you can have reliable solar on your rooftop.

Private solar energy provides many of the same benefits as large-scale projects.

  • A Long Island solar installation is a clean and renewable option.
  • You can reduce your reliance on the grid and shrink your monthly utility bills.
  • You can export excess production back to the grid to spin your meter in reverse and further enhance your savings.
  • You can even use solar as emergency power with the addition of a solar battery backup system.

Just as there are financial options for grid-scale solar investments, you can also take advantage of some benefits at home. There is no-money-down solar financing available, with an interest-free period based on expected tax credits. Some of the credits are significant, such as the 30% federal income tax credit based on the cost of your solar system.

Start with an Estimate for Long Island Solar Installation

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