Generac Power Cell for Solar

What are the Advantages of a Generac Power Cell?

If you’re looking to get the most out of solar power on Long Island, a battery backup system could be perfect for your needs. Adding reliability and value, options like the Generac Power Cell (PWRcell) could improve the return that you get from your investment.

Learn about Generac’s system and talk to the team at Long Island Power Solutions to start the consultation process for a solar system that suits your unique needs.

About the Generac Power Cell System

Generac is a leading American manufacturer of backup power products. The company produces everything from gas-powered generators to solar battery systems. Generac is known for quality, reliability, and ease of use of its power systems.

For home solar, the Generac Power Cell is one of the most popular products available today. Marketed as “PWRcell”, the system can provide backup power as well as versatile options for power distribution while solar panels are offline.

With most solar systems, in the event of a grid outage, the home will go dark. When you add a battery backup system to solar power on Long Island, the system can be configured to automatically switch over when the grid is down. This ensures redundant electricity, just like with a traditional generator.

Going beyond that, battery backup for solar power on Long Island can also intelligently distribute power when rates are at their highest, such as in the evenings when solar panels go offline. This means that you can use stored solar energy even when the sun has gone down. There are also other use cases, such as using a solar battery to charge an electric vehicle using electricity that was generated by solar panels.

Adding a system like the Generac PWRcell will increase the overall cost of the installation, but the return on investment over time can offset this. It’s important to get the right balance. The team at Long Island Power Solutions can properly size the right system for your home, based on your unique needs and your historical energy usage patterns.

Generac is just one of the options for battery backup and is typically best for custom systems that sit outside of the average use case. We also offer standardized integrated systems, like Tesla Solar with a Battery Wall.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Getting a Cost/Benefit Analysis for Your Long Island Solar Installation

Our team is passionate about clean energy. We also focus on creating meaningful returns for our customers. All our solutions are designed to provide the best balance of practical and financial benefits.

Our customers make the best decisions when they are fully informed. That’s why we provide detailed consultations and a cost/benefit analysis. We’ll evaluate your home and your needs and develop a cost/benefit report so that you can see how your system would pay off over time. In this way, you won’t carry any risk when you choose to get solar and a battery backup system. You’ll have a clear indication of the savings over time.

Solar is one of the longest-lasting investments that you can make in your home, far outlasting typical home improvements. Solar batteries typically last ten years or longer, while solar panels last 25 to 30 years, so there will be plenty of time to recoup your costs with savings on your utility bill.

Learn More and Get Your Solar Estimate

We’re ready to plan, install, and maintain the solar system that helps you to save money and gain energy independence. You can get solar with no money down and an interest-free period. Solar is more affordable than ever, and the savings could increase over time as utility rate hikes are inevitable.

Long Island Power Solutions is ready to provide solar with a Generac Power Cell battery system or any suitable solution from our battery partners. Start with your free solar estimate and get the job done right the first time.

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