Solar Battery Backup System in Hampton Bays

Should You Get a Solar Battery Backup System in Hampton Bays?

Your home in Hampton Bays will become more energy and cost-efficient with a rooftop solar system. With significant tax credits and incentives available, solar has a better return on investment than almost every other home improvement. In many cases, you can get even better returns if you add a solar battery backup system in Hampton Bays.

Battery backup for solar provides redundancy as well as more flexibility for you and your family. Here are the reasons to consider adding a battery system when you get solar installed.

Battery Backup for Solar Gives You Energy Independence

Relying on the grid for your electricity is an exercise in frustration. On Long Island, the grid is old and at times unreliable. Severe weather events can lead to extended outages, which are both disruptive and detrimental to your overall quality of life.

With a solar battery backup system in Hampton Bays NY, you could have more independence from the grid and your current utility company. A significant amount of the energy that you use every day will come directly from your solar panels and your battery storage system.

If you’ve suffered from outages in the past or if you simply want more options so that you can be free of the limitations of the grid, you can talk to the best Long Island solar battery backup installers today.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

A Solar Battery is More Reliable

Speaking of outages, there’s nothing worse than suffering an extended blackout due to a fault on the network, maintenance, or a severe weather event. Solar is more reliable and gets even better when you add a battery system.

With a standard solar installation, your electricity will still go out when the grid is down. This is intentional, as it stops electricity flowing back to the grid. It protects workers as well as the network. But with a battery, this is no longer the case. Your battery can automatically switch over when a network fault is detected, isolating your home from the grid. The system can be configured to power key electrical circuits like those connected to lighting and appliances. Depending on how large the battery system is, you could have your backup system power your entire home and all your outlets in the event of an outage.

There needs to be a balance between cost and redundancy, which is why you need to choose the best Long Island solar battery backup installers. The team at Long Island Power Solutions is ready to assist you with a detailed consultation to ensure that your system is planned to suit your unique needs and your budget.

You’ll Save More Money with a Solar Battery

With the right battery system, you can save more money than you would with solar panels alone. Your battery system could store electricity during the day, ready to be deployed during peak times when the utility rates are higher. If you have an electric vehicle, you could use a battery system to charge this in the evenings, giving you more economy from your car and a better return on investment from your solar system.

A solar battery system can be configured to work seamlessly and automatically for your unique needs. Long Island Power Solutions will take care of the configuration so that it makes sense for your scenario.

How Much Does a Solar Battery Backup System Cost?

You can get an estimate for a solar battery backup system in Hampton Bays. Our initial estimates are based on satellite data and will be followed with a detailed consultation and on-site estimate. We can add batteries to existing solar systems or design the entire solution from the ground up. Get your solar estimate now and enjoy a more cost-efficient and reliable way to power your home.

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