Medford Solar Battery Backup System – Frequently Asked Questions

Medford Solar Battery Backup System – Frequently Asked Questions

With such a high demand for solar power on Long Island, a growing number of families are considering solar battery backup. With a battery system, you can forget about grid outages affecting your home, and your system could even increase the savings and return on investment from your solar panels. Not every home needs a battery backup system, but for many families, it makes sense and adds value. If you’re still undecided, here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions so you can see if a Medford solar battery backup system is right for you.

What is a Medford Solar Battery Backup System?

A solar backup system is an array of batteries that work together to provide backup power for your home. In a standard system, solar panels will charge the batteries during the day, and the energy can then be deployed at peak times or during a power outage.

The exact way the system works will depend on the type and configuration. You can think of a solar battery as a backup generator that is charged by your solar panels. The system will connect to your home’s power systems to provide electricity to all outlets and appliances, or just a few selected circuits, depending on your unique needs.

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What Factors Affect Solar Battery Backup System Cost on Long Island?

The biggest factor used to determine solar battery backup system cost on Long Island is the capacity of the system. With more storage capacity the price increases. There’s a sweet spot between capacity and cost, especially when looking at the long term return on investment. Long Island Power Solutions can help you by evaluating your energy usage patterns to develop the most reliable and economical solution.

How Long Does a Battery Backup System Last?

Most battery systems are expected to last for at least ten years but can last longer depending on how they are used and how often they are used. The industry’s best systems from companies like Generac and Tesla are covered by 10-year warranties. Long Island Power Solutions can install battery systems from these manufacturers and our other solar partners.

Do I Need a Separate Battery Backup Installer in Medford NY?

You don’t need to hire two different companies to install solar and a battery system. Long Island Power Solutions can provide a solar panel and battery backup installer in Medford NY. Your project will be streamlined and all covered under a single bill.

We make solar simple and are experienced in everything from roofing replacement to battery wall installation methods.

Can I Get a Battery Backup System Without Solar Panels?

It is possible to store electricity from the grid in a battery backup system. This can be an advantage if you suffer from frequent outages or if you want to store electricity during non-peak times, to then deploy in the evenings when rates are higher.

This isn’t always economical. It depends on the type of system you get and how you will use it. Our team can help you to decide whether a battery backup or generator is right for your needs.

Is the Battery System Covered by Solar Tax Incentives?

Your Medford solar battery backup system can be included with your bill for solar panels. For incentives and solar tax credits, the entire system is considered as one bill. So, yes, you can cover some of the cost of your solar panels and battery system with the generous government incentives and credits that are available.

Will My Power Stay on When the Grid is Out?

With a standard solar installation, your electricity will switch off when the grid is down. This is a protective measure to stop solar power from flowing into the grid. If you add a battery system, it can be configured to automatically switch over during a blackout, so you will still have electricity while the utility company works on the lines outside.

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