Coram Solar Panels

Coram Solar Panels are the Most Efficient Way to Power Your Home

When solar power is promoted as the best way to power your home, it’s usually the cost savings that are kept in focus. Solar is a great financial investment and you’ll save money over the lifetime of your system. In addition, Coram solar panels are also the most efficient way to power your home.

Long Island Power Solutions is one of the most trusted solar providers in Coram, New York. We’re based right here on Long Island and have installed more than 5,000 systems for families and local businesses. If you’re looking for a more affordable and efficient way to power your home, it’s time to get a free solar estimate in Coram.

How Do Coram Solar Panels Generate Electricity?

Coram solar panels have come a long way in the last few decades. Once prohibitively expensive and lacking in power output, panels are now affordable for the average family and can reach efficiency levels close to 30%.

The function of a solar panel is relatively simple. Sunlight triggers a chemical reaction with the solar cells in the panel. These are configured with a positive/negative flow. As the chemical reaction occurs, an electrical charge moves through the panels. This is then transferred through microinverters and used to power your home.

Solar panel design has become more advanced over time, improving overall efficiency. Most homeowners will generate significant savings with a standard solar installation. During daylight hours, solar panels can typically provide all of the electricity that a home needs, with excess production available to be sent out to the grid.

The excess contributes significantly to overall savings. With a Net Metering program, your panels will spin your meter in reverse so that you get credits on your utility account for the electricity that you export. This can help to cover the evenings when you use electricity from the grid.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

What Makes Solar Panels More Efficient for Powering Your Home?

With solar panels, you’ll make use of clean and free energy that hits your rooftop. Solar energy doesn’t actually cost anything. The cost of getting set up simply gets you the equipment to convert abundant solar light into electricity.

Efficiency comes from a few areas…

  • You’ll reduce your reliance on the grid by making use of the abundant energy in sunlight.
  • Unlike the grid, rooftop solar doesn’t have as much transition loss. It’s only converted from DC to AC once and is then available to use in your home.
  • Long Island Power Solutions uses highly efficient microinverters to minimize loss when converting electricity at the panels.
  • With the addition of a battery backup system for solar, efficiency increases even more. You can store electricity in batteries which can then be deployed in the evenings to reduce your utility bill. A battery system can also ensure that your home stays isolated from the grid during a network outage. You’ll still have electricity even if the utility network is down.

For decades, families have simply relied on big utility companies like PSEG for electricity. Solar gives you energy independence so that you can save money while also enjoying a more efficient and reliable solution.

Incentives Reduce the Solar Cost in Coram NY

The solar cost in Coram NY has decreased over time. Panels are more efficient and affordable today than they have ever been. There are also government tax credits and incentives for solar, helping to reduce the overall cost.

One example is the Federal Solar Tax Credit. This significantly offsets the solar cost in Coram NY, by providing a 30% income tax credit based on the total cost of your installation. Long Island Power Solutions can offer no-money-down financing with an interest-free period based on tax credits. Talk to our team to learn about all of the credits and incentives that apply to your installation.

Get a Free Solar Estimate in Coram

Our team is ready to get started on your free solar estimate in Coram. Start with an online estimate, and we’ll schedule a free energy savings evaluation and consultation, which includes our famous cost/benefit analysis.

Coram solar panels are the energy source of the future and the most efficient way to get electricity for your home. Learn more about the benefits and savings, starting with your free estimate from one of the best solar providers in Coram, New York.

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