Smart Solar Power

Smart Solar Power is Getting Smarter

Smart solar power for the home can ensure greater returns and enhanced reliability. Smart solar power solutions are also critical for innovation and advancement in the wider industry. If you’re planning to get solar power on Long Island, it can be interesting to learn about where the industry might be heading in the future. Researchers have recently developed a solar system that tracks the sun as it moves, ensuring maximum efficiency. Learn about the latest news as you prepare for your Long Island solar installation.

Water is the New Frontier for Smart Solar Power

Portuguese solar company SolarisFloat has developed a new smart solar power solution that could help power cities and municipalities in the future.

The company’s innovative floating solar solution takes things to a new level. Solar on the water isn’t a novel idea. There are already solar panels installed on floating devices around the world. But SolarisFloat has taken things further with a circular modular floating platform that repositions itself to follow the sun around the sky. Powered by an electric engine that uses less than 0.5% of the energy produced by the entire device, this floating solar power plant could inspire future designs where not a single minute of sunlight is wasted during the day.

Named PROTEVS, the floating device uses 180 double-sided solar panels to achieve maximum efficiency. It currently produced 73kW per hour at peak times, an increase of around 40% when compared to similarly sized systems built on the land. It’s currently being tested in a lake in the Netherlands. With the success of the design so far, similar systems could be deployed across Europe and other areas of the world, including right here in the United States.

There are still challenges to overcome. For example, the system wouldn’t be particularly stable when placed in water bodies that experience significant waves or tidal changes.

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You Can Get Your Own Smart Solar Power on Long Island

You don’t need a lake in your backyard to get smart solar power on Long Island. Although rooftop panels don’t follow the sun, they can be positioned to maximize their exposure to light, resulting in the most efficient solution possible with the technology available today.

With Long Island Power Solutions, you can join our SMART Solar Program for free. This program is designed to ensure the reliability of solar while generating savings over time.

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Get Your Estimate for a Long Island Solar Installation

We use the latest satellite data for your free solar power estimate. If you’re happy with the early estimate, we’ll send a technician to your home for a detailed on-site inspection so we can prepare the cost/benefit analysis. A Long Island solar installation can pay for itself within the first eight years of going online. And, you don’t have to put any money down to get solar financing with us.

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