How Long Do Solar Panels Last

How Long Do Solar Panels Last in Noyack Long Island?

There are two very important questions you should consider before investing in solar power in Noyack Long Island. How long do solar panels last, and what do you need to do for maintenance? Solar panels can provide a significant return on investment, and they are also surprisingly convenient. As you consider the switch to renewable energy, these are some of the most important things you should know before you get your free solar estimate in Noyack.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Durability is one of the most impressive aspects of modern solar panels. You need to ask, how long do solar panels last, because this will directly influence your return on investment.

  • Solar panels are expected to last at least 25 years, although most will still function for up to 30 years or longer in most cases.
  • Durability is improving over time as solar panel manufacturing becomes more advanced.
  • If you’re wondering how long do solar panels last in Noyack, where the weather can go to extremes, the answer is still the same. Panels are made to endure the harshest weather.

Solar is a significant investment even with generous tax credits and incentives. Knowing that solar power in Noyack Long Island could provide 25, even 30 years of service for your home, it becomes much easier to make the right decision.

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Longevity Affects the Return on Investment

The average solar panel system will pay for itself in savings in the first eight years. This figure has been getting better as solar panels have become more efficient.

This is important because it directly affects your return on investment. If you can generate savings to pay for your solar panels in the first eight years, that means you will have at least seventeen more years of returns to enjoy, where the savings will go right back into your pocket.

The numbers can jump around a little if you decide to finance solar power in Noyack Long Island, but in any case, you will see a return before the end of the lifetime of your panels.

At Long Island Power Solutions, we don’t leave our customers guessing when it comes to the numbers and the important questions. In addition to a free solar estimate in Noyack, you can also get a detailed cost/benefit analysis and energy savings evaluation to help you to decide if solar is worth it.

How are Solar Panels Maintained?

Nobody wants to invest in something inconvenient. If you had to spend significant amounts of time or money maintaining your panels, that would take away from the savings that you would enjoy. The good news is that they don’t actually require any maintenance. All of the components, from the panels to the microinverters are designed to last the lifetime of the system.

The only exception is if you get a battery energy storage system. Solar batteries typically need to be replaced after around ten to fifteen years into the lifetime of a system.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Noyack

While you don’t need to do anything to maintain your solar panels, you will need to have occasional cleaning performed by professionals. It takes a while for grime to build up on solar panels, but most homes will need solar panel cleaning in Noyack every six months to one year.

When you install your solar panels with Long Island Power Solutions, we can also schedule solar panel cleaning in Noyack with a routine that suits the conditions around your home.

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Investing in solar in Suffolk County will give you a more affordable and reliable way to power your home. With the cost of energy skyrocketing in New York and across the nation, now’s the best time to make the switch.

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