Recycle Long Island Solar Solutions

Can we Recycle Long Island Solar Solutions Solar Panels?

The solar panel industry is seeing an explosion of growth. Even locally, it’s becoming more common to see solar power on Long Island. The solar industry has grown at an average rate of 33% per year over the last decade. The demand will likely increase with new incentives and residential tax credits. Long Island Power Solutions provides a 25-Year warranty on all solar panels, although most will sometimes last 30 years or longer. What happens to Long Island solar solutions once the panels are no longer functional? Can solar panels on Long Island be recycled?

It’s an important question and one that many people will consider before booking a Long Island solar installation. You’ve probably seen the news about solar panel recycling in recent weeks. Let’s look at the facts and see how the situation is shaping up.

Recycling Will Become More Viable as More People Switch to Solar Power on Long Island

It costs more to recycle the materials in a solar panel than to acquire raw materials for manufacturing. This is a problem of scale because modern solar panels are relatively new, and rooftop solar power on Long Island and other places has only become the norm within the last ten years.

Because of a sudden spike in demand, recycling will likely become more financially viable soon.

Even today, solar panels are being recycled. Recyclers usually take the glass and metal components from old panels. Silicone (a major component of solar power on Long Island) isn’t often recycled, but this is one of the things expected to change in the next 10 – 15 years.

There are also alternatives to recycling. Some companies purchase or collect old solar panels for free. These are repaired and maintained and are used in large commercial projects. For many companies engaged in recycling and repurposing, the goal is to get the maximum possible serviceable life from a panel, even if it no longer meets the efficiency requirements of a homeowner.

During a solar panel’s lifecycle, it will produce up to 100x the energy used in production. So, while not all the materials can be recycled, the panel still has a positive environmental impact.

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Choose a Company That Focuses on Solar Efficiency

Long Island solar solutions should be both efficient and affordable. You can get your Long Island solar installation with a company focused on efficiency.

The Long Island Power Solutions team is partnered with companies like Tesla, Panasonic, and Q Cells, ensuring that we have access to the most efficient equipment for your Long Island solar installation. This ensures that the environmental benefits are maximized by the end of the panel life cycle.

We minimize waste at every step of the Long Island solar installation process. Even if your panels can’t be completely recycled at end-of-life, the carbon offset will be strong enough that there’s still a net positive for the environment.

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