Home Solar Installation in Kensington NY

Financing a Home Solar Installation in Kensington NY

The village of Kensington is consistently ranked one of the best places to live on Long Island. It’s not hard to see why. Homes with spacious grounds, safety, and proximity to NYC are all attractive. Kensington puts you conveniently near the city but with space to expand, enjoy life, and raise a family. If you’re in Kensington or nearby areas like Great Neck or University Gardens, you can make life even better with a solar panel installation. Home solar installation in Kensington NY gives you more control over your finances with freedom from the ludicrous rates on the grid. Find out what makes solar power in Kensington such a good idea and get a free home solar estimate from the Long Island Power Solutions team.

Enjoy the Benefits of Solar Power in Kensington

A home solar installation in Kensington NY is a fantastic way to save money and reduce the cost of home ownership. There are also practical benefits that come from solar power in Kensington.

Get installed with Long Island Power Solutions and enjoy…

  • A cleaner and more efficient home.
  • Lower electric utility bills from month to month.
  • Emergency backup (with an optional solar battery system).
  • A system that’s designed for your unique needs.
  • A 25-Year warranty on your solar panels.
  • 24/7 support and monitoring.

More than 5,000 homeowners have made the switch with Long Island Power Solutions. Solar power in Kensington will be one of the most significant investments you make in your lifetime. Solar generates a return with most systems paying through within the first eight years.

Solar can even increase the value of your home. Ready to learn more? The Long Island Power Solutions team is ready to start the consultation process with a free energy savings evaluation and cost/benefit analysis.

No Money Down Solar in Kensington

With larger homes in Kensington and the nearby areas, the cost to install a solar system could be slightly above average. This does of course, depend on your energy needs, and with our team, your system will be designed to be as cost-efficient as possible. No matter how big you need your system to be, you can get no money down solar in Kensington for your home.

Long Island Power Solutions and our solar financing partners offer no money down solar in Kensington NY. We offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry, and you can choose the length of the term to suit your needs and minimize interest.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Our no-money-down solar in Kensington is split into two financing packages…

  • The initial round of no money down solar in Kensington is based on expected tax credits. With the federal government now providing a 30% credit on solar systems, you can get a significant discount on the true cost of solar power in Kensington. The initial period is interest-free. You’ll pay it in full at the end of the tax year when your credits are applied.
  • The remainder of the bill for a home solar installation in Kensington NY is applied to a second term with a competitive interest rate. Shorter terms mean larger repayments but less interest. Longer terms are more manageable, although the total interest paid is higher. We will work with you to design a financing package that suits your unique needs.

If you can pay for your system upfront, you’ll still be eligible for state and federal tax credits and incentives. Some incentives are applied to the top of your bill based on the size of the system.

Talk to Long Island Power Solutions and get the best financing options for home solar installation in Kensington.

Start with Your Free Home Solar Estimate in Kensignton NY

You can get a free home solar estimate for your home solar installation in Kensington NY. Solar is one of the most important investments that you can make in your home. With inflation and rising energy costs, solar can significantly reduce your living cost, helping you reach your financial goals and enjoy true freedom.

Long Island Power Solutions is the most trusted company for home solar installation in Kensington NY, and we’re ready to get started on your project today.

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