Solar Panel Installation on Long Island

What’s the Best Brand for Solar Panel Installation on Long Island?

When it comes to custom solar solutions, you must get the best panels for your system. The solar cells in the panels are responsible for the efficiency and reliability of your solar panel installation on Long Island.

At Long Island Power Solutions, we have a range of options available for you to choose from. Custom solutions are offered with ground-up engineering based on your family’s unique needs.

We are partnered with the best companies for your Long Island solar installation.

Forbes Names Q Cells and Panasonic Two of the Best Options for Solar Panels

In a recent article, Forbes Home named Q Cells and Panasonic two of the best brands for home solar installation. With Long Island Power Solutions, you’ll have access to both, depending on your installation needs.

We have formed strong partnerships with the best solar panel manufacturers, including Tesla, Q Cells, and Panasonic.

Here’s what Forbes had to see about two brands that could be used for your Long Island solar Installation…

  • The publication praised Q Cells for budget-friendly pricing and excellent snow-load capacity. This is particularly important for Long Island solar installation, where heavy snowfall can lead into and during winter.
  • Forbes Reviewers were impressed by Panasonic for excellent efficiency ratings and good temperature coefficients, which are important during the hot summers on Long Island.

When you schedule solar panel installation on Long Island, you’ll go through a detailed consultation so our team can learn about your energy needs and usage patterns. We’ll inspect your home and your roof to determine the best type of system and the right panels to use.

With our solar industry partnerships, you can access industry-leading equipment for your solar panel installation on Long Island.

Get an Estimate for Long Island Solar Installation

The first step in your Long Island solar installation is a free online estimate based on satellite data. You can get started with yours today.

From here, we can schedule a site visit, detailed evaluation, and estimate.

Data is important to our solar estimates. We’ll look at all the details and provide you with all the relevant information to make a decision. We believe in transparency whenever providing estimates and evaluations. We provide the information. You make a choice. We will never recommend solar if it isn’t the right fit for your home.

Our commitment to savings and better customer service has helped make us the preferred choice for Long Island solar installations.

If you’re interested in Long Island Solar, please call us. We will walk you through the whole process of how to become energy independent!

Battery Backup with Solar Power on Long Island

The efficiency of your panels is important. You can often add more efficiency to your system with a battery backup system for solar power on Long Island. A solar battery can provide electricity during outages. It can also offset your bill by deploying electricity during peak hours after your solar panels have shut down for the day.

We can give you a detailed estimate, including panels and battery backup for solar power on Long Island.

Choose the Best Company for Solar Panel Installation on Long Island

Solar can be one of the most valuable investments you make in your lifetime. Start by choosing the right company for solar panel installation on Long Island. Long Island Power Solutions has installed more than 5,000 systems, with our customers enjoying huge savings. You won’t just save with solar. You’ll enjoy an excellent return on investment over your panels’ expected 25 to 30-year life.

Get clean, efficient, and affordable energy with your solar panel installation on Long Island.

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