SMART solar solutions

SMART Solar Solutions for Your Home

There’s a new trend in the solar industry. Manufacturers are increasingly turning to large solar panels, creating smarter commercial solar solutions that better utilize space with higher levels of efficiency. The industry developments at Long Island Power Solutions are exciting for our engineers. We also utilize the latest technologies to develop SMART solar solutions for the home, ensuring that you get the best practical and financial returns from your investment in a Long Island solar installation.

Large Formats are Dominating Grid-Scale SMART Solar Solutions

Large high-power components are responsible for 80% of the solar shipments so far in 2022. Large panels are used for utility-scale generation and commercial projects. Smaller panels are used on your rooftop, but they share similar technologies and are becoming increasingly efficient.

Do You Lose Out with Smaller Panels for Solar Power on Long Island?

Rooftop solar power on Long Island uses smaller panels that don’t quite reach the same efficiency as panels designed for the grid. But the figures are still highly impressive. The latest panels for rooftop solar power on Long Island are approaching 20% to 30% efficiency. This was unheard of just two decades ago.

The solar panels placed on your roof for solar power on Long Island can pay for themselves over time. The investment is typically covered by savings within the first eight years. And in terms of efficiency, solar panels will reproduce the energy used during production many times over. According to the latest data, a single panel produces 100 times more energy than is used during manufacturing.

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Join the SMART Solar Program

Long Island Power Solutions is the only contractor to offer the SMART Solar Program membership. We developed the program to ensure that systems are reliable and cost-efficient. Combined with the trend for larger solar panels, our SMART solar solutions are helping to provide energy security for thousands of Long Island residents.

The program provides you with a detailed cost/benefit analysis to evaluate solar’s true value. It ensures the installation is reliable, using low-penetration racking and flashing to protect your roof. With our SMART solar solutions, your system will come with a 25-Year Warranty on the rooftop solar panels, ensuring peace of mind for the years ahead.

Your Long Island Solar Installation Can be Completed in a Single Day

After planning and permitting, your actual physical Long Island solar installation will take just a single day. We’ll send technicians to install all the equipment on your rooftop and hook everything up to the home. We’ll also contact your utility company to install net metering equipment so you can benefit from the electricity you export to the grid.

Long Island solar installation is more convenient for our team. We take care of all the details. We’ll even help you to determine which tax credits apply in your case, giving you an idea of how much you could save with NY state solar incentives.

Get a Rooftop Solar Estimate from Long Island Power Solutions

Making the switch is easy. With Long Island Power Solutions, you can get a ballpark solar estimate online. Once you’ve seen the initial numbers, you can schedule a site visit with our team. After evaluating your property, we’ll provide you with the cost/benefit analysis so that your decision can be fully informed.

Solar panels are becoming more efficient in utility, commercial, and residential spaces. You can contribute to America’s energy transition with SMART solar solutions at your home.

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