Net Metering Solar System in Long Beach NY

Do You Need a Battery with a Net Metering Solar System in Long Beach NY?

Long Beach NY home solar can help you to save with lower utility costs throughout the lifetime of your system. Solar provides a great return on investment, helped significantly by net metering. You might have also considered battery storage to get the most out of a net metering solar system in Long Beach NY. Not every family requires a battery backup to go with Long Beach NY home solar. Check out some tips to determine if it’s essential for your home.

What are the Advantages of a Net Metering Solar System in Long Beach NY?

Homeowners in Nassau County can enjoy reliable solar power with the help of Long Island Power Solutions. Solar isn’t just reliable. It’s also cost-effective.

A net metering solar system in Long Beach NY comes with a meter that spins both ways.

  • During the day when your system produces more electricity than you consume, the excess will go to the grid and your meter will spin in reverse.
  • In the evening when panels shut down, you’ll import electricity from the grid. Your meter will spin forward.
  • Your bill will be calculated on the net difference. If you export more than you consume in a month, then these credits will stack to be used later.
  • If you have credits left at the end of the year, your utility company will pay you out for them.

Net metering is one of the most important incentives to get a Long Beach NY solar installation. And, in the right scenario, you could get even more value with a battery backup system.

The Advantages of Battery Backup with a Long Beach NY Solar Installation

You can have a solar battery added to your Long Beach NY solar installation. It will add redundancy and some flexibility that could suit your needs.

Battery backup can store excess energy during the day. This can then be deployed at night when your panels shut down. This will protect you from peak rates. If your battery is fully charged, you can still export to the grid and enjoy the benefits of net metering.

A standard Long Beach NY solar installation will shut down in the event of a grid outage. With battery backup, you can keep the lights and appliances on, even if the grid is down. This means you can have emergency power during a storm or any time that the grid fails.

Battery backup combines reliability and versatility to deliver the maximum possible value from your solar system.

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Do You Need a Solar Battery with Long Beach NY Home Solar?

The choice of getting a solar battery depends on the cost/benefit analysis. There are some things to keep in mind…

  • A solar battery can significantly reduce your carbon footprint as you’ll rely less on the grid.
  • If you use a lot of electricity during peak hours, then a solar battery can offset the cost.
  • If you are unhappy with the reliability of the grid, a solar battery can offer protection.

Electricity rates on Long Island are nothing short of ridiculous. With inflation, they continue to increase. A solar battery can protect you from rate hikes while also providing practical benefits. With the cost of solar solutions today, most families can benefit from a solar battery. Even with the additional cost, you will enjoy a return on investment over the lifetime of your system.

The best way to determine if a solar battery is needed for your Long Beach NY home solar is to talk to our team.

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Long Island Power Solutions is home to the most experienced solar installers in Long Beach NY. Our team is ready to help you make the right decisions for your future. We provide a complete service from consultation to installation and aftercare. Our solar panels are offered with a 25-Year Warranty for your peace of mind.

You can get started with a free ballpark estimate from the top solar installers in Long Beach NY. After the initial estimate, we can schedule a site visit and we’ll give you a cost/benefit analysis so you can see if solar and a backup battery are worth the investment.

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