Solar Panel Installers in Suffolk

Solar Panel Installers in Suffolk Have a Solution for Overpriced Energy

Energy prices have soared in 2022, leading to higher prices at the pump and for gas and electricity in the home. Americans are feeling the pinch, and with inflation, it’s becoming more expensive to maintain a household. Solar panel installers in Suffolk can help you to save money on one of your most expensive utility bills.

Solar power on Long Island is a more affordable and efficient way to power your home. With rising energy costs, a Long Island solar installation will help you to save money while giving you more energy independence.

Affordable Energy with Solar Panel Installers in Suffolk

The financial news in recent weeks has focused heavily on energy costs. The stock market has underperformed in 2022, but energy stocks are soaring. Oil has been hitting new highs, and gas has also been affected. The electricity that reaches your home on Long Island is generated, in part, by fuel oil. So even your electricity bill has become inflated due to rising energy costs.

We’ve seen that more people are shifting to electric vehicles to avoid the rates at the pump. You can do a similar thing at home by working with solar panel installers in Suffolk.

The best solar panel installers in Suffolk can install rooftop solar panels that make your home more affordable. You won’t just save money now. You’ll enjoy a strong return on investment over time.

How Solar Power on Long Island Saves Money

Electricity rates on Long Island are already some of the highest in the nation. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they continue to rise. Inflation is making the general cost of living more expensive. You can take the pressure away with solar power on Long Island.

  • Solar power on Long Island can power your home during daylight hours, dramatically reducing your utility bill.
  • Excess production can be exported to the grid for credits on your utility account under Net Metering.
  • Credits can be applied to the electricity that you take from the grid during the evenings when your panels are off.
  • If you add a solar battery to your Long Island solar installation, you can store and deploy electricity to maximize your savings even more.

The average Long Island solar installation will pay for itself within the first eight years of being switched on. Panels typically last around 25 – 30 years, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy a return on your investment.

If you live in Suffolk County NY and you’re interested in solar, give us a call right now to get started!

A Long Island Solar Installation is More Reliable

Beyond the savings, your Long Island solar installation will also be more reliable, protecting you from outages on the grid if you have a solar battery.

Systems without batteries switch off when the grid is down. But with a battery, you’ll have energy independence, and your home will stay powered even when the street goes dark. A battery can provide value and convenience, especially in a place like Suffolk County, Long Island, where the grid is old and often unreliable.

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