Solar for Home Cost

Solar for Home Costs Benefit from Market Conditions

The solar for home cost has gradually decreased in recent years, making it easier to get solar power on Long Island. And even in this economy of high inflation, solar power costs are still impressive when compared to other energy sources.

According to the latest data from the International Renewable Energy Agency, the levelized cost of energy from solar decreased by 13% last year. The Agency expects that solar will remain competitive in 2022 and beyond due to the continued high cost of oil and gas. Around the world, more people are making the switch to solar. The savings, reliability, and eco-benefits are now well-known.

Solar power on Long Island is still the most affordable way to power your home. Join the global solar revolution and enjoy energy independence at home.

Solar Power on Long Island is More Affordable

Even with some fluctuations in solar for home costs, you’ll come out better off when installing solar power on Long Island.

  • You’ll generate month-to-month savings thanks to Net Metering. The energy you export to the grid will be reflected as credits on your utility account.
  • A solar battery could provide even more savings, allowing you to store and then deploy electricity when rates are higher in the evenings.
  • Net Metering can offset times of the year when you import more electricity than you export.

Solar power on Long Island is an investment, and it provides a return. If you want to power your home affordably with less reliance on the grid, you’ll find the best options at Long Island Power Solutions.

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Incentives Help Make Long Island Solar Installation Even More Compelling

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) provides incentives directly to the installer, reducing the cost of solar from the top of your bill. As a resident of Long Island, you’re already starting in a better position than people in states that don’t have robust solar power incentives. Long Island Power Solutions is an NYSERDA-Approved solar installer.

Your Long Island solar installation can also be partially covered by tax credits provided by the state and federal governments. These credits are the basis of our no-money down financing. An initial interest-free period can be paid in full once you get your credits.

The remainder of the bill for your Long Island solar installation is covered by a second loan with a competitive interest rate.

In your consultation, our team will help you to determine which credits are available to you. We also provide a breakdown of the costs and benefits, so you can determine if solar is right for your unique situation.

Get the Best Solar for Home Cost with Long Island Power Solutions

If you want competitive solar for home cost, you need to choose an installer that you can trust. Long Island Power Solutions has installed more than 5,000 systems across Long Island and New York. We have the expertise to ensure reliable and cost-efficient solar. With a 25-Year Warranty on your system, you’ll enjoy a strong return on investment.

Our solar panel systems are reliable and come with 24/7 monitoring for your peace of mind. We’re a local company committed to your future. You can get support throughout the lifetime of your system.

Forget the ludicrous electricity prices that the utility companies charge. Solar for home costs is competitive with the market, even when factoring in the initial investment. To learn more about solar for your home, you can start with your free ballpark estimate today.

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