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What is a Whole House Gas Generator?

If you want the most reliable electricity at home, you can’t simply rely on the grid. In Long Island, the grid is outdated and unreliable. When the power goes out for maintenance, unplanned outages, or during severe weather events, you can rely on a whole house gas generator.

With a whole house gas generator, you can conveniently switch over to backup power to keep your lights and essential appliances running. Long Island Power Solutions will design a system from the ground up to suit your unique needs.

How Natural Gas Generators Work

What is a whole house gas generator? It’s a backup generator designed to automatically switch over when the grid goes down. Modern natural gas generators can sense when the utility service is interrupted. The best natural gas generators start up within a matter of seconds, quickly and safely restoring the power.

The best thing about a whole house gas generator is that you won’t have to do anything. Long Island Power Solutions will configure your system so that it works seamlessly, even if you have solar panels on the roof.

Should You Get an Emergency Backup Generator Installation on Long Island?

Homeowners on Long Island are tired of the expensive and unreliable grid. If you experience frequent outages or if you live in an area of Long Island where the storm season is particularly severe, you should consider an emergency backup generator installation on Long Island.

There are plenty of advantages that come from having emergency backup generator installation on Long Island.

  • You can continue to run electronics like televisions and computers (perfect if you work from home).
  • You can run heating and cooling appliances.
  • Your refrigerator and freezer will stay on so food won’t spoil.
  • Lights will stay on during a prolonged outage.

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated with outages, you have a reason to think about a whole house gas generator on Long Island.

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Gas Generator Installers on Long Island Can Integrate a Generator with Solar

Unless you have battery backup, your solar panels will shut down when the grid goes down. This means that even during daylight hours, you’ll lose electricity to protect the grid.

You can keep your home running with the help of the best gas generator installers on Long Island.

If battery backup isn’t suitable for your needs, our experienced gas generator installers on Long Island can design a system that is connected to solar panels, the grid, and a backup gas generator. In normal conditions, your solar panels will provide the majority of the electricity that your home needs. You can even export any excess back to the grid.

When the grid goes down, your panels will shut down for safety, and your generator will kick in.

Natural Gas vs. Liquid Propane Generators

The best generator companies, like Generac, produce systems to work with natural gas, liquid propane, and diesel. Propane and diesel are the least convenient because you will need to store fuel to keep your generator running during prolonged outages. Natural gas generators are more convenient than liquid propane generators because they are connected to the gas utility. You won’t need to replace gas tanks or manually fuel your generator. The entire system will be safer, more reliable, and in most cases, it will be cheaper to run.

Liquid propane generators are ideal in some cases when your home is completely off the grid. If you have a gas hookup, then natural gas is the way to go.

Begin Your Consultation for a Whole House Gas Generator Installation

Talk to Long Island Power Solutions today and begin the consultation process. We’ll let you know how a whole house gas generator would work for your home. If there’s a better solution, we’ll tell you about it and design something that suits your situation.

Enjoy reliable electricity at your home with the best whole house gas generators on Long Island.

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